Welcome to Fan-I.com! Here we debate, analyze, and share opinions from a fan’s point of view, creating the perfect fan experience. We are not a blog site: we are a lifestyle. We are giving a voice to the avid sports fans everywhere who want to be heard. Completely different from the traditional one way street of sports media, at Fan-I, you can share your passion on current and vintage sports topics. Join us on our journey to becoming the new WORLDWIDE LEADER IN SPORTS. Thank you

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Fan-I’s mission is to become the BRAND that brings INNOVATION, INTEGRITY, INSPIRATION, and INNOCENCE back into sports. Instead of focusing on commercialized success, we will focus on the essential aspects and conserve the essence of the “game” using trust, honesty, and ultimately changing the culture of the media and putting a positive impact into all communities. In the end, becoming a voice for FANATICS everywhere.