Over The Weekend

Now that College Football is coming to an end, currently in Bowl Season, College Basketball will take over Saturdays up until March. So instead of discontinuing "The Weekend" until next August, let extend it into the basketball season. 

courtesy of SI.com

courtesy of SI.com

I'm not sure what happened to UCLA in this game. I was expecting this to be a great game, instead it was a curb stomping. The Wildcats went on a 24-0 run to start the game; UCLA couldn't buy a basket, and it wasn't because they were missing, Kentucky's defense is just that good. This game really showed how dominant this Kentucky team can be, only if you allow it. The Bruins were out of this game at the tip-off, they never seemed to check in, which is unfortunate when you think about the prestige of this program. Kentucky's next test will come Saturday when they visit the Louisville Cardinals. 

Montrezl Harrell will miss one game for his ejection against Eastern Kentucky. I like how the big media outlets tried to say that this wasn't a punch but more of an elbow. Harrell clearly threw a punch, reason why he is being suspended. Hopefully, Harrell will learn from this unfortunate situation. Luckily for the Cardinals, his one game suspension will be against CS-Northridge, who shouldn't be an issue for Terry Rozier, Chris Jones, and the rest of the #4 Cardinals squad. 

Nova is off to a good start this year, while Coach Bohiem may have his worst team in a long time. 

It seem like Michigan and NJIT has started a trend. I didn't get a chance to see neither game but from the look of the scores, both premier D1 programs were outmatched by lesser talent. With big schools losing like this, I am curious to see what's going to happen come tournament time because it seem like nobody is safe. 

FAN-I 10

  1. Kentucky (11-0) 
  2. Duke (8-0)
  3. Louisville (9-0)
  4. Arizona (10-0)
  5. Virginia (9-0) 
  6. Wisconsin (10-1)
  7. Villanova (10-0) 
  8. Gonzaga (9-1) 
  9. Texas (9-1) 
  10. Kansas (8-1)

Honorable Mention: Wichita State (7-1), Washington (8-0), Ohio State (8-1), 

Since teams play multiple games during the week, we will update our rankings after the weekend is over, also we will only rank 10 teams. You should know that we develop our own rankings, which may be similar to the AP Polls, but never the same. Since these are the first rankings, it looks very similar. As we get closer to January, conference play is on the horizon. 

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