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For the past 7 years, the SEC has been at the top of the College Football world. 7 straight National Championships were won by SEC teams dating back to 2006. They had the best coaches like Urban Meyer, Les Miles, Steve Spurrier, and Nick Saban. The best teams, Bama, LSU, and so on, and also the best dynasties. But what trumps all is the caliber of players they get. For some reason, players in the SEC are bigger, faster, and better than everybody else. Schools in the SEC have the luxury to recruit in the southern states, where majority of the size and talent is. So naturally with all that you would crowned them as the best conference but not so fast my friend.

Jameis Winston became the first freshman to win the Heisman trophy and National Championship in the same season, he will be returning next year. (AP Photo) 

Jameis Winston became the first freshman to win the Heisman trophy and National Championship in the same season, he will be returning next year. (AP Photo) 

The Seminoles of Florida State are your 2013 National Champions. I want to address it now that I will be writing this as a die hard fan of the Seminoles so it may seem a little bias but oh well WE THE CHAMPS. So much to say about this game, the players, both teams but especially Jameis "Do It Big" Winston. This young man did so much note worthy things this games, along with this season, to the point you will never forget who Jameis Winston is. He is the only freshman QB to win a national championship (14-0 record), along with winning the Heisman, and he became a champion on his 20th birthday, clutch. And yes, he was also clutch on the field, leading the Seminoles down the field 80 yards in 1:18 seconds. Winston went 6-7 on the Final Drive also throwing the game winning TD pass to Kelvin Benjamin on a perfect pitch and catch slant route. While at the podium, a reporter asked Winston to tell them the game winning play and he said "I'm not going give you the play but I knew it was going be a Touchdown when we called it." A dumb person would have told the reporter the play, but Winston played the reporter but still let them know it's their bread n butter all in one statement. The best part of Winston's great performance is the way he completely turned it on in the 2nd half. In the 1st half I could tell Winston was a little nervous because some of his throws was sailing and he was inaccurate on simple passes, which is unlike him. The game almost got out of hand when Jameis fumbled the rock on Auburn's side of the 50 and the Tigers scored 3 plays later to go up 21-3. The Noles came back with their 2nd best drive of the game. On the ensuing drive, the Seminoles went 3 & out setting up for a punt on 4th & 4 at Auburn's 46 yard line. They ran their 3rd best play of the game which was a fake punt reverse to Karlos Williams. Williams ran for 7 yards converting the first down and keeping the drive going. Seminoles would score on that drive, making the score 21-10 going into the locker room at halftime.

Tre Mason......straight BEAST  (John Biever/SI)  

Tre Mason......straight BEAST (John Biever/SI) 

I really have to commend the Auburn Tigers for helping make this one of the best Championship games ever. The Tigers represented the SEC well. In the 1st half they played the best they ever played all season, they truly played their best football that half. The Tigers were dominating the Noles in the first half. They didn't look bigger stronger faster, except for when Nick Marshall beat out everyone on the corner to score, but just looked more mentally prepared than the Seminoles. The defense of the Tigers did a great job because they kept the Seminoles in bad field position all game and kept Winston to 6-10 67 yards and 1 turnover in the first half. They did a terrific job at getting off the field, keeping the Seminoles 3rd down conversion percentage to 16% for the entire game. I have criticized the Tigers defense, especially after that SEC 7-on-7 championships, but they put alot of pressure on Winston in the 1st half. Overall, the Tigers just looked like the best team and had the world shocked at how they were easily handling the Seminoles. The Noles defeated every opponent this year by double digits and the Tigers had a 18 point lead on them. It looked good for the SEC at one point but it is always two halfs in football.The Tigers were still somewhat controlling the game in the 2nd half but the Seminoles were gradually slow walking them down. The Seminoles defense also stepped up big time in the 2nd half. In the 1st half, they allowed 21 points and could not stop the Auburn read option offense. 2nd half they kept the Tigers scoreless and really kept it a game while the offense still tried to get it going. I was really pleased with the performance all 11 players on the defense played but certain players made some big small plays. Senior cornerback, Lamarcus "Lil Man" Joyner is my defensive MVP because at 5'8 190lb, he was making tackles all around the line of scrimmage. It was a few plays where Marshall would fake it Tre Mason(who is an animal) and most of the defense fooled and had one man to beat which was Joyner. Joyner won that open field battle every time. That was the main problem of the defense in the 1st half, they kept misreading the read options, an offense they haven't really seen in the ACC. To stop that style of offense, all 11 players have to stay home and allow the play to come to them, the Seminoles made that adjustment at half and change the game somewhat.

Kelvin Benjamin's game winning catch over Chris Davis Jr.  (Robert Beck/SI)

Kelvin Benjamin's game winning catch over Chris Davis Jr. (Robert Beck/SI)

Now for me this was the best National Championship, just because of the emotional connection. Texas vs USC in 2008 is the best but for me my noles coming back from an 18 point deficit with a game winning drive in the final minute of the game. That's not the only reason though, the 4th quarter of this game was very entertaining and stressful. While the score was 21-13 Auburn in the beginning of the 4th quarter, Nick Marshall threw an interception, giving the ball back to the Seminoles at the Seminoles' 44 yard line. The Noles capitalize off the turnover, FB Chad Abram catching it in the flats, high stepping a Auburn defender before diving in the endzone. The Seminoles had to settle for a extra point instead of going for 2 because of a unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, making the score 20-21. After the Tigers kicked a field goal to go up 4, on the ensuing kickoff, freshman Levonte Whitfield took it 100 yards to the house, blowing past everybody. Auburn was down 27-24 with 4:32 left on the clock, time to feed the beast. Auburn worked their way down the field and the clock, feeding the rock to Mason. On the Tigers 8 play 75 yard go ahead drive, Mason rushed for 50 yards and a TD on 4 carries. The biggest carry was the 37 yard highlight that probably wowed every GM in the NFL, showing speed and power running over a Seminole saftey. Then came the Noles with the game winning drive to score in the same endzone that the Longhorns scored in back in 2008. Rashad Greene made one of the biggest plays of the day whe he took a sit down curl route 49 yards. Winston proved why he was the Heisman not by putting up stupid numbers, even though he still threw 175 yards, 2 TDs, and completed 70% of his passes in the 2nd half, but he beat adversity during the biggest game of his life. I'm pretty sure no one will probably agree with me but oh well, WE THE CHAMPS.

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