The Weekend: College Football Rankings; Heisman Hopefuls

The week that everyone has been waiting for has finally arrived, Playoff rankings. It wouldn't be right if the committee didn't add some drama to the college football season with their first set of rankings. I don't think any of us would have predicted Clemson being the #1 team in the land. Of course the SEC received some bias, getting two teams in the top 4 - even though one loss to a conference foe that loss to a non-power five conference team. And the defending champs barely making the list at #4. Of course the final rankings will not reflect now, but the discussion has now been set. 

Fan-I 15 

  1. Ohio State (8-0) LW 1, BYE

  2. Michigan State (8-0) LW 2, BYE

  3. LSU (7-0) LW 3, BYE

  4. TCU (8-0) LW 4, W 40-10 West Virginia

  5. Clemson (8-0) LW 6, W 56-41 NC-State

  6. Baylor (7-0) LW 5, BYE

  7. Notre Dame (8-1) LW 8, 24-20 @ Temple

  8. Alabama (7-1) LW 7, BYE

  9. Stanford (7-1) LW 9, W 30-28 @ Washington State

  10. Oklahoma State (8-0) LW 10, W 70-53 @ Texas Tech

  11. Iowa (8-0) LW 11, W 31-15 Maryland

  12. Memphis (8-0) LW 12, W 41-13 Tulane

  13. Oklahoma (7-1) LW 13, W 62-7 @ Kansas

  14. Florida (8-1) LW 14, W 27-3 Georgia

  15. Houston (8-0) LW NR, W 34-0 Vanderbilt

(Gerry Broome/AP)

(Gerry Broome/AP)

  • Our top four teams represents our first set of playoff rankings. Michigan State has been one of the most consistent teams this season along with Clemson. We will see how good LSU is this weekend when they take on Alabama in Tusculoosa.

  • TCU and Baylor are going to have another epic game at the end of the season, but Oklahoma and Oklahoma State are also going to have something to do with that All four teams make up for a very epic BIG 12 conference. With 4 teams combined for only one loss, it's no way the committee can deny the BIG 12 again.

  • Alabama and LSU are the only two teams that could possibly represent the SEC in the college football playoffs. This has been a rough year for the SEC, with only two teams in the AP top ten. Florida is a darkhorse but if they can finish the season with no more blemishes including the SEC title game (representing the SEC East), they will find themselves in the top 4.

  • The American Athletic conference has two teams in our Fan-i 15 and I think they whoever wins this conference undefeated should be considered for a spot in the playoffs. Houston didn't allow Vanderbilt to score a point Saturday, while Memphis already defeated a SEC school.

Player of the Weekend

(AP Photo)

(AP Photo)

Deshaun Watson, QB Clemson – 23/30 383 yards 6 total Tds vs NC-State

Watson had an a great performance against the Wolfpack, marking his season high for touchdowns this year. As long as the Tigers continue to win, Watson will be in the discussion for the Heisman trophy.

Honorable mention:

  • Travis Rudolph, WR Florida State – 5 catches 191 yards 3 Tds

  • Alex Collins, RB Arkansas – 16 carries 173 yards 5 Tds

The ACC has decided to suspend two officials that were apart of the Miami-Duke game that included eight laterals at the end of the game. I don't have a problem with the officials being suspended, in fact I applaud it. Too many times you see referees make bonehead calls and nothing happens to them, and when a player or coach criticize them, that player or coach is punished. So to see the officials finally get punish is gratifying but I don't think the ACC should change the results on the game. If you change this results from this game, then you will have to change the results to the many other games that were blown because of bad officiating. Instead of trying to clean up the mess made by the officials, just make sure the officials do their job right.

With Playoff rankings comes Heisman considerations. Heisman talk has been to a minimum aside from Leonard Fournette early surge to the top. I think the race is closer than what people think.

Fournette is looking to be the first LSU Heisman winner since Billy Cannon in 1959. (AP Photo) 

Fournette is looking to be the first LSU Heisman winner since Billy Cannon in 1959. (AP Photo) 

  1. Leonard Fournette – Fournette ran for his lowest yard total of the season two weekends ago, 150 yards against Western Kentucky. Fournette made his early claim for Heisman when he bullied the Auburn Tigers early September. A big game against the Tide will elevate his heisman stock.

  2. Trevone Boykins – I really enjoy watching Boykins play. He is the definition of a playmaker, and the perfect quarterback for TCU's wide open offense. Boykins lead his team in passing and is second in rushing yards and touchdowns. So far he has seven games this season with at least four touchdowns.

  3. Christian McCaffrey – McCaffrey being on the west coast doesn't get much pub but the all-purpose back for Stanford is well known in the media. McCaffrey has at least 300 yards in the rushing, reciving, and kick return categories. He is the main reason why the Cardinals are in the thick of the playoff race.

  4. Derrick Henry – Henry is quietly taking the SEC by storm. Each week he plays with a chip on his shoulder, looking to prove that Fournette is not the best back in the Southeastern Conference.

  5. Deshaun Watson – Watson is not on many peoples radar for Heisman but the sophomore has been nothing short of phenomenal for the Tigers. In the biggest games he made the biggest plays.

  • Ezekiel Elliot
  • Josh Doctson
  • Connor Cook
  • Dalvin Cook 

Games to watch this weekend

  • #7 Notre Dame @ Pitt – Notre Dame continues their gauntlet of a season, facing their 5th opponent with a winning record. If it wasn't for that tough loss to Clemson, Notre Dame could easily be in the top 4.

  • Florida State @ #5 Clemson – Many college football pundits think that if Florida State wins this game, it will leave the ACC without a team in the 4-team playoff. But if FSU can win this game and also beat Florida at the end of the season, I think it will put the Seminoles back into the discussion.

  • #4 TCU @ #10 Oklahoma State – One of the Big 12 playoff games. Since the conference doesn't have a championship game, games between the ranked teams will pose as an inner-conferece four team playoff.

  • #11 Iowa @ Indiana – Last time the Hoosiers hosted a ranked opponent, it the Ohio State Buckeyes and they only lost by 7 points. Still looking for their first conference win, the Hoosiers pose for a serious challenge for the Hawkeyes in this trap game.

  • Navy @ #12 Memphis – Navy is 6-1 and 4-0 in the American Conference, this will not be an easy game for the ranked Tigers.

  • #3 LSU @ #8 Alabama – I compare this rivalry to the Ravens and Steelers. Two physical teams that don't like each other. Who ever has the best game between Fournette and Henry, their team will win the game

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