32 Charleston Southern players suspended by NCAA

The NCAA once again proves that they are public #1. The NCAA will suspend over 32 players from the Charleston Southern football team because of money that was allocated to them for books, was spent on other supplies in the bookstore.

Yes you read that right.

They are being suspended for buying school supplies.

"There is no dollar limit for books a student-athlete may receive, provided each book is required for a course in which the student-athlete is enrolled. The institution may provide the student-athlete with cash to purchase books, as long as the amount of cash provided is equal to the actual cost of the books purchased. [R] (Revised: 4/24/03 effective 8/1/03)" via NCAA Legislation.

That is from the NCAA rule book regarding money used for books. The NCAA allows schools to give student-athletes money for books, but as the rule states, the money may only be spent on books. A few of the players went to social media to show their dissatisfaction with not only the NCAA decision but also the school.

"CSU Football has been dealing with a witch hunt the first 3 weeks," wide receiver Colton Korn wrote on his Facebook page. "We have sat 16 players the first [two] weeks and now me and many other seniors and juniors who have helped lead this program and school to unprecedented highs on and off the field will be suspended against Florida State this Saturday."

CSC starting running back, Ben Robinson, is a native of Tallahassee, Florida so this game was very important to him. He will have to decide on whether or not to miss playing against the third-ranked team in the country or sit out a conference game. CSC is ranked seventh in the FCS top 25 rankings and players will miss a game in their tough Big Sky conference, already with a loss against North Dakota State. The flip side is for FCS schools like Charelston Southern, an opportunity to play against a FBS school like Florida State, is crucial for players with NFL dreams. No matter what Ben and his other teammates choose, it will be a detrimental loss.

14 players will miss Saturday's game against Florida State. FSU paid the CSC $475,000 to play them, so win or lose, the school will still receive payment.