The Weekend: Top Four stays the same; Mayfield leads Heisman Race; BIG Games coming

In the first weekend after the first set of playoff rankings were released, the Big Ten conference seen their best teams take tough losses, leaving them with only one squad with a legitimate chance of contending for a playoff spot. 

No changes to the top four teams but Oklahoma and TCU have put the BIG 12 closer to the playoffs with their victories over the weekend. They received some help from the schools up north, Ohio State getting molly-whopped in Kinnick Stadium and Penn State losing a heart-breaker in East Lansing. 

The Hurricanes jumped three spots from last week after forcing four turnovers against Virginia Tech. Wisconsin trials them by one spot and is in dire need of a big win to prove to the committee they are not just a team taking advantage of weak schedule. 

In the first two sets of rankings the committee has made it know that they are looking for quality wins first. While TCU did have a tough loss to Iowa State just two weeks ago, they do have two wins over ranked opponents, one of which being the team that beat Iowa State this past weekend. The body of work of a team is being evaluated with a close eye. 

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Kendall's Fan-i 25 

  1. Alabama (9-0) W 24-10 v. #21 LSU 
  2. Georgia (9-0) W 24-10 v. South Carolina 
  3. Wisconsin (9-0) W 45-17 @ Indiana 
  4. Miami (8-0) W 28-10 v. #11 Virginia Tech 
  5. Oklahoma (8-1) W 62-52 @ #10 Oklahoma State 
  6. Clemson (8-1) W 38-31 @ #17 NC State 
  7. Notre Dame (8-1) W 48-37 v. Wake Forest 
  8. Washington (8-1) W 38-3 v. Oregon 
  9. TCU (8-1) W 24-7 v. Texas 
  10. Auburn (7-2) W 42-27 @ Texas A&M 
  11. MIchigan State (7-2) W 27-24 v. #6 Penn State 
  12. UCF (8-0) W 31-24 @ SMU 
  13. Memphis (8-1) W 41-14 @ Tulsa 
  14. USC (8-2) W 49-37 v. #24 Arizona 
  15. Ohio State (7-2) L 24-55 @ Iowa 
  16. Penn State (7-2) L 24-27 @ #20 Michigan State 
  17. Oklahoma State (7-2) L 52-62 v. #8 Oklahoma 
  18. Iowa State (6-3) L 16-20 @ West Virginia 
  19. USF (8-1) W 37-20 @ UConn 
  20. Iowa (6-3) W 55-24 v. #4 Ohio State 
  21. Washington State (8-2) W 24-21 v. #23 Stanford 
  22. NC State (6-3) L 31-38 v. #7 Clemson 
  23. Mississippi State (7-2) W 34-23 v. UMass 
  24. Michigan (7-2) W 33-10 v. Minnesota 
  25. West Virginia (6-3) W 20-16 v. #15 Iowa State 

Player of the Weekend

Baker Mayfield, QB Oklahoma - 24/36 598 yards 5 TDs 2 INTs v. #10 Oklahoma State

Honorable Mention

  • Marquise Brown, WR Oklahoma - 9 catches 265 yard 2 TDs 
  • Rashard Penny, RB San Diego State - 20 carries 234 yards 3 TDs 

Heisman Hopefuls

  1. Baker Mayfield, QB Oklahoma - Mayfield continues to be the most consistent player this season and after that performance against OK-State, he is the new leader in this year's Heisman race 
  2. Saquon Barkley, RB Penn State - Barkley did not reach the end zone for the first time this. Back-to-back losses doesn't help his case either. 
  3. Mason Rudolph, QB Oklahoma State - Rudolph numbers weren't as eye-popping as Mayfield's but he did have 448 yards and 5 TDs in a shootout. 

Games to watch

#9 Washington @ Stanford, Fri 10:30pm - This will be a tough game for the Huskies. They are the last hope for the Pac-12 to get a team in the playoffs. They will need a big win to convince the committee they are worthy of a higher ranking. 

#12 Michigan State @ #13 Ohio State, Noon - Many believe the Buckeyes should have dropped more than what they did after losing to Iowa by 21-points. This will be an opportunity for them to prove to the country that last week was a fluke. 

#21 Iowa State @ #15 Oklahoma State, Noon - The Cyclones have been one of the most interesting teams this year with two big wins over ranked opponents. Can they secure another one? 

#1 Georgia @ #10 Auburn, 3:30pm - Auburn has just cracked the top-ten and if they win here, they will be in the top-four next week. 

Florida State @ #4 Clemson, 3:30pm - Can the Noles spoil the Tigers season? Beware of the trap. 

#20 Iowa @ #4 Wisconsin, 3:30pm - Wisconsin doesn't have the quality wins that the committee is looking for but a defining win against the Hawkeyes could be what the doctor ordered. 

#2 Alabama @ #16 Mississippi State, 7pm - The Bulldogs have sneaked their way back into the playoff conversation after the back-to-back blowout losses to Georgia and Auburn. It's a longshot that they will make it in the top four but a win against Bama could shake up the rankings. 

#3 Notre Dame @ #7 Miami, 8pm - Catholics v. Convicts is renewed. The Hurricanes can put themselves in the top four with a victory against the Irish, an area they haven't been in since 2005. 

#6 TCU @ #5 Oklahoma, 8pm - This is a playoff game, both teams need a win to crack the top four but a loss will eliminate them from contention. 


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