The Weekend: Bama & Clemson reign supreme; Wazzu knock off Trojans

The first month of the college football season is complete. Clemson and Bama still look to be the best of the best but they're are others who desreves attention. Let's jump right into it! 

AP Rankings

1. Alabama (44 first-place votes)
2. Clemson (17)
3. Oklahoma
4. Penn State
5. Georgia
6. Washington
7. Michigan
8. TCU
9. Wisconsin
10. Ohio State
11. Washington State
12. Auburn
13. Miami
14. USC
15. Oklahoma State
16. Virginia Tech
17. Louisville
18. South Florida
19. San Diego State
20. Utah
21. Notre Dame
21. Florida
23. West Virginia
24. NC State
25. UCF

  • Others receiving votes: Oregon 19, Florida State 15, Texas Tech 10, Georgia Tech 10, Stanford 8, Navy 7, Kansas State 3, Texas A&M 2, Memphis 2, Troy 1, Maryland 1

Michael's Fan-i 25 

1. Alabama (5-0) W 66-3 v. Ole Miss

2. Clemson (5-0) W 31-17 @ #12 Virginia Tech 

3. Oklahoma (4-0) BYE 

4. Penn State (5-0) W 45-14 v. Indiana 

5. Michigan (4-0) BYE 

6. Georgia (5-0) W 41-0 @ Tennessee 

7. Washington (5-0) W 42-7 @ Oregon State 

8. TCU (4-0) BYE

9. Wisconsin (4-0) W 33-24 v. Northwestern 

10. Ohio State (4-1) W 56-0 v. Rutgers 

11. Miami (3-0) W 41-6 @ Duke 

12. Washington State (5-0) W 30-27 v. #5 USC 

13. Auburn (4-1) W 49-10 v. #24 Mississippi State 

14. USC (4-1) L 27-30 @ #16 Washington State 

15. Oklahoma State (4-1) W 41-34 @ Texas Tech 

16. Virginia Tech (4-1) L 17-31 v. #2 Clemson 

17. South Florida (5-0) W 61-31 @ East Carolina 

18. San Diego State (5-0) W 34-28 v. Northern Illinois 

19. Louisville (4-1) W 55-10 v. Murray State 

20. Florida (3-1) W 38-24 v. Vanderbilt 

21. Notre Dame (4-1) W 52-17 v. Miami(OH) 

22. West Virginia (3-1) BYE 

23. Utah (4-0) BYE 

24. NC State (4-1) W 33-25 v. Syracuse 

25. UCF (3-0) W 40-13 v. Memphis 


Kendall's Fan-i 25

  1. Alabama (5-0) W 66-3 v. Ole Miss
  2. Clemson (5-0) W 31-17 @ #12 Virginia Tech
  3. Oklahoma (4-0) BYE
  4. Penn State (5-0) W 45-14 v. Indiana
  5. Washington (5-0) W 42-7 @ Oregon State
  6. Georgia (5-0) W 41-0 @ Tennessee
  7. Michigan (4-0) BYE
  8. Ohio State (4-1) W 56-0 v. Rutgers 
  9. Wisconsin (4-0) W 33-24 v. Northwestern 
  10. Washington State (5-0) W 30-27 v. #5 USC 
  11. Miami (3-0) W 41-6 @ Duke 
  12. TCU (4-0) BYE
  13. Auburn (4-1) W 49-10 v. #24 Mississippi State 
  14. USC (4-1) L 27-30 @ #16 Washington State
  15. South Florida (5-0) W 61-31 @ East Carolina 
  16. Oklahoma State (4-1) W 41-34 @ Texas Tech 
  17. Louisville (4-1) W 55-10 v. Murray State 
  18. Virginia Tech (4-1) L 17-31 v. #2 Clemson 
  19. Utah (4-0) BYE 
  20. Florida (3-1) W 38-24 v. Vanderbilt 
  21. San Diego State (5-0) W 34-28 v. Nothern Illinois 
  22. NC State (4-1) W 33-25 v. Syracuse 
  23. Notre Dame (4-1) W 52-17 v. Miami(OH) 
  24. West Virginia (3-1) BYE 
  25. UCF (3-0) W 40-13 v. Memphis 


@_primetime39 with the pick 6 in last nights win over Ole Miss. #OutworkYesterday #RollTide

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If anyone have any objections as to why Alabama should not be the #1 team in the country, please comment below or mention Fan-I Sports on twitter so we (mostly Michael) can laugh at you. After Alabama’s 66-3 destruction of Ole Miss, Alabama looks nearly untouchable. The Crimson Tide has been murdering their opponents on both sides of the ball for the month of the season, and it has been especially evident in the last two weeks. The defense has given up only 43 points in 5 games and 13 of those came from Colorado State in garbage time. Offensively, Jalen hurts had 298 all-purpose yards, 2 passing touchdowns and 1 rushing touchdowns on only 12 completed passes and 10 carries against Ole Miss. If there is any concern, Bo Scarbrough only had 6 touches for 18 yards. From a yards perspective that is not horrible, however, it does evoke wonder. It could be just a case of the ‘we need you when we need you’ system Tide head coach Nick Saban employs, nevertheless, one has to wonder about Scarbrough’s health as he has not really dominated this year.

There was an expectation that Clemson’s performance was going to dip this season, but that has not been the case. See the reason why Alabama is ‘nearly untouchable’ and not fully untouchable, is because Clemson is really playing high level ball this season as well. Clemson has not taken teams out in bombastic fashion the way Alabama has done; but Clemson has had the tougher schedule and has proven themselves to be dominant as well. Now offensively Clemson may leave a little to be desired against their stiffer competition, however that is not to say they are bad offensively this season. Clemson quarterback Kelly Bryant has been doing it with the feet as well as his arm and should be in the conversation of best quarterbacks this year, which is saying a lot.


Oklahoma went into a bye this weekend, so not much has changed. Baker Mayfield is still amazing, the team is playing great, and first year coach looks good. Now they did have a scare in their 49-41 win against the Bears, but we all know that is apart of College Football, every team gets at least one. Now Oklahoma’s schedule does start to ramp up even more as they face some very underrated teams going forward (notably Iowa State and Kansas State).

Penn State is playing really well. Undefeated through five weeks thanks to great defense and stellar offense. Now their 21-19 win over Iowa in week four did scare some experts, but the Nittany Lions put those scares to bed with their 45-14 demolition of Indiana. Indiana is not a team that one should bet the house on, however, it is a team that is capable of beating a ranked team on any given week, and Penn State deserves credit for that. It will be interesting how Penn State fares going forward, as the Nittany Lions face Michigan in week 7 but for now they are #4.

If it was a game people thought was going to be the ‘Letdown Game’ for the USC Trojans, most circled Washington State. Sure enough, the USC Trojans lost 30-27 in week five to the Cougars. The Trojans don't get a pass though, as their offense looked stagnant and the defense was horrendous. Sam Darnold only had 164 yards and the defense was victim to another Luke Falk explosion. Truth be told, both sides of the ball has under-performed for the Trojans for the majority of the season. USC will look to rebound next week against Oregon State.

Player of the Weekend

"This is about us." - @_blovee20

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Bryce Love, RB Stanford - 25 carries, 304 yards(School Record), 3 TDs. 

Honorable Mentions

  • Saquon Barkley, RB Penn State - 26 touches, 221 yards, kickoff return TD, Passing TD

Mayfield for Heisman?

Baker Mayfield to Baylor players: "You forgot who daddy is. I’m gonna have to spank you today." (via

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Baker Mayfield is probably winning the Heisman at this rate. Now that may seem unpopular considering what Lamar Jackson is doing but Baker Mayfield was insane against Baylor. Now granted he did throw under 300 yards for the first time this season in that game but he only threw 19 times, had 283 passing yards and 3 touchdowns on 68% competition. Now there is always a chance that Mayfield slips up, however he does not look like he’s slowing down.

Does N.C. State deserve a top 25 spot?

A great day to be part of the Pack. #1Pack1Goal 🐺🐺🏈

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N.C. State is cracked the A.P. poll, Coaches poll, and Michael’s Ranking list, but do they deserve a spot? The reason why the Wolfpack are ranked was because of their victory over Florida State two Saturdays ago. However, there were a lot of circumstances in the Wolves favour that may have affected the Seminoles play. Also, in terms of competition, their only other game against traditionally tough opponents in the South Carolina Gamecocks in week one. In that game, the N.C. State squad saw themselves on the losing end of that game by a score of 35-28. The Wolfpack will face Louisville Thursday night on Oct. 5th, which should give us an indication of how for real NC-State. 

Games to Watch

#17 Louisville @ #24 NC-State (Thursday Night) - A nationally televised game with different implications for each team. Louisvilles National championship hopes are slim but Lamar Jackson is still in the Heisman race. A big performance on the road could help push him back to the front of the pack. NC-State on the other hand, are looking for another signature win and top spot in the ACC Atlantic Division. 

#4 Penn State @ Northwestern - There is a 60% chance of rain is in the forcast for this game, which could mean a sloppy contest on Northwestern grass field. This could also mean a big outing from Heisman front-runner, Saquon Barkley. 

#23 West Virginia @ #8 TCU - A possible shootout but a game TCU needs to win in order to stay in Playoff contention. 

#13 Miami @ Florida State - Florida State needs a win to get back into the polls while Miami is looking to jump back into the top-ten for the first time since October 2013. 

#1 Alabama @ Texas A&M - The Aggies haven't beat Bama since Johnny Manziel's Heisman season in 2012. In the last three contest the Aggies are 0-3 and have been outscored 133-37. Coach Kevin Sumlin still has his job but another loss to Bama could end it for him. 

#9 Wisconsin @ Nebraska - Since joining the Big Ten in 2011, Nebraska has only defeated Wisconsin one time. The last time meetings have been decided by 8 points, with a overtime win by the Badgers last year. Watch out for the trap. 

#11 Washington State @ Oregon - This has trap game written all over it. After knocking off USC, Wazzu earned their highest ranking spot since 2003 and is currently on a 2-game win streak against the Ducks. With all that being said, It's still hard to not picture them as the underdogs walking into Autzen Stadium under the lights. 

Stanford @ #20 Utah - Utah has the chance to prove that they are a true power in the Pac-12 this season. They need a win to stay ahead of USC in the South division of the Pac-12. Can they stop the country's leading rusher Bryce Love? 


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