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The Weekend: Week 3

Only 3 weeks in and I can already tell this new playoff system will involve some controversy. In week one, Kirk Herbstreit said that Georgia is one of his top 4 teams, even though they were ranked #12 in the preseason polls. Now, 2 weeks later, I would like to hear Mr. Herbstreit's top 4 to see if Georgia is still in it. If Herbstreit,  a very credible and knowledgeable college football analyst, is picking teams week-to-week, then I'm sure the selection Committee is doing that also. I understand what their criteria is, and I hope strength of schedule holds the most weight, but I am scared their will be favoritism involved. I can see 2 out of the 3 teams being from the SEC, which I wouldn't agree with. Two teams from the same conference should not be included, especially if one beat the other. Conference Champions should be the only ones considered unless they are outside of the Top ten and the only teams considered should be those in the top ten. Oh wait I forgot, the SEC can have up to 5 teams in the top ten. 

AP Top 25


1Florida State (37)2-01466

2Oregon (17)3-01424

3Alabama (1)3-01346

4Oklahoma (2)3-01325


6Texas A&M (3)3-01195



9Notre Dame3-0917

10Ole Miss3-0840

11Michigan State1-1832



14South Carolina2-1718

15Arizona State3-0680





20Kansas State2-0326



23Ohio State2-1204


25Oklahoma State2-1126

Fan-i 25 

  1. Florida State (2-0) LW 1, BYE
  2. Oregon (3-0) LW 2, W 48-14 Wyoming 
  3. Alabama (3-0) LW 3, W 52-12 Southern Miss 
  4. Oklahoma (3-0) LW 4, W 34-10 Tennessee 
  5. Auburn (2-0) LW 5, BYE
  6. Baylor (3-0) LW 6, W 63-21 @ Buffalo 
  7. UCLA (3-0) LW 7, W 20-27 @ Texas 
  8. LSU (3-0) LW 9, W 31-0 UL-Monroe 
  9. Texas A&M (3-0) LW 13, W 38-10 Rice 
  10. Notre Dame (3-0) LW 12, W 30-14 Purdue*
  11. Michigan State (2-0) LW 11, BYE
  12. Ole Miss (3-0) LW 15, W 56-15 La-Lafayette 
  13. South Carolina (2-1) LW 17, W 38-35 #8 Georgia 
  14. Arizona State (3-0) LW 16, W 38-24 @ Colorado 
  15. Ohio State (2-1) LW 14, W 66-0 Kent State 
  16. Georgia (2-1) LW 8, L 35-38 @ #17 South Carolina 
  17. USC (2-1) LW 10, L 31-37 @ Boston College 
  18. Stanford (2-1) LW 18, W 35-0 Army 
  19. Kansas State (2-0) LW 19, BYE
  20. Wisconsin (1-1) LW 20, BYE
  21. Nebraska (3-0) LW 21, W 55-19 @ Fresno State
  22. Mizzou (3-0) LW 22, W 38-10 UCF
  23. Clemson (1-1) LW 24, BYE
  24. BYU (3-0) LW NR, W 33-25 Houston 
  25. Penn State (3-0) LW NR, W 13-10 Rutgers 

In the conversation: Marshall (3-0), Oklahoma State (2-1), Duke (3-0), 


4 teams from the SEC are ranked in the FI25 top ten vs 5 in the AP poll. Last week there was only 3 but with USC losing, that opened up room for another SEC school. USC was on their way to becoming a potential playoff team but couldn't manage a trip to the east coast. I try not to use "travelling" as a reason for a teams loss but it does have an affect on the team. Another team that suffered a shocking loss was Virginia Tech. VT suffered a 28-21 loss to ECU in front of the same home crowd that stayed up to 4am to welcome them back from Ohio State, just a week ago. College Sports is the prime example of why you have to play hard every game, cause on any given day you can lose. 

  • UCLA has been escaping all season, but still winning. A team that some has picked to come out of the Pac-12 has only defeated their opponent by a total margin of 18, all of which were un-ranked. 
  • Penn State and BYU has entered into our rankings, both of which are undefeated. The NCAA has lift all of Penn State sanctions, which led to a big celebration by the student body, who also wanted their statue back. Happy Valley has been a happy place lately. 

Baller of the Week

WIlson, a true freshman, is currently the Blue Devils leading rusher, averaging 15.9 yards a carry. (Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports)

WIlson, a true freshman, is currently the Blue Devils leading rusher, averaging 15.9 yards a carry. (Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports)

RB haun Wilson, Duke - 12 carries, 245 yards, 3 TDs vs Kansas 

Honorable Mentions:

  • QB Bryce Petty, Baylor - 23/34, 416 yards, 4 TDs, 209.2 QB rating vs Buffalo
  • QB Gunner Kiel, Cincinnati - 25/37 418 yards, 6 TDs, 216.0 QB rating vs Toledo
  • WR, Phillip Dorsett, Miami - 4 catches, 201 yards, 2 TDs vs Arkansas State

Georgia and South Carolina was the best game of the weekend. Going into the 4th quarter, Georgia was down 28-31, a good enough margin to still run the ball without worrying about the clock. Instead they only gave Gurley the ball 5 times for 18 yards in the 4th quarter. Georgia was also on the 4 yard line with a 1st and goal but didn't run the ball. Instead they ran a pass play which resulted in a intentional grouding, sending them back 10 yards and a loss of downs. Gurley would get the ball once but the Bulldogs had to settle for a missed field goal to end their hopes of taking the lead. Gurley carried the ball 20 times for 131 yards but he needs the ball 25-30 times a game. And you definitely have to give him the ball when you're inside the 5 yard line. 

Florida and Kentucky played a great game that went into three overtimes. Even though they loss, I am very impressed with Kentucky.

Grayson Lambert is mobbed by Cavalier fans after they defeated the heavily favorited Louisville Cardinals, 23-21. (Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports)

Grayson Lambert is mobbed by Cavalier fans after they defeated the heavily favorited Louisville Cardinals, 23-21. (Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports)

Welcome to the ACC Louisville. Louisville failed on 11 straight drives after they scored their first drive of the game. Louisville turned the ball over 3 times while only gaining 282 yards. The Cavs didn't do anything special to win, they also turned over the ball 3 times with less than 300 total yards, but played stout defense. How will the Cards bounce back from this? They are supposed to be the ones that will dethrone the Seminoles as ACC champs. Good luck with that bruh.