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The Weekend: Texas beats OU; Michgan, Florida, and Utah remain hot; Power 5 rankings

Two weeks away from the first set of College Football playoff rankings and I already know it will be very interesting. ESPN analyst, Kevin Carter, said that Utah was the best team in the country. Other analyst left out the Buckeyes from the their own playoff rankings, even though they are still undefeated and the defending champs (remember I said they would get the Florida State treatment). The thing that bothers me about these rankings by media personalities is that they have little consistency. In week one, after the Wolverines lost to Utah, 70% of the media were claiming that this would be a long season for Harbaugh and they're not ready to make that jump back into the National scene; as of today, majority are claiming Michigan to be the best team in the Big Ten. And they'll never divulgate that they were wrong, not a chance. They'll just continue to make bold claims as if they predicted this to happen.

Fan-i 15

  1. Ohio State (6-0) LW 1, W 49-28 Maryland

  2. TCU (6-0) LW 2, W 52-45 @ Kansas State

  3. Baylor (6-0) LW 3, W 66-7 @ Kansas

  4. Michigan State (6-0) LW 4, W 31-24 @ Rutgers

  5. LSU (5-0) LW5, W 45-24 South Carolina

  6. Utah (6-0) LW 6, W 30-24 @ California

  7. Florida State (5-0) LW7, W 29-24 Miami

  8. Clemson (5-0) LW 8, W 43-24 Georgia Tecj

  9. Alabama (5-1) LW 9, W 27-14 Arkansas

  10. Michigan (5-1) LW 15, W 38-0 #11 Northwestern

  11. Florida (6-0) LW 12, W 21-3 @ Missouri

  12. Texas A&M (5-0) LW 13, BYE

  13. Notre Dame (5-1) LW 14, 41-24 Navy

  14. Iowas (6-0) LW NR, W 29-0 Illinois

  15. Oklahoma State (6-0) LW NR, 33-26 @ West Virginia

  • Baylor jumped TCU in the AP rankings but not in the Fan-I 15. Baylor is getting more love because they are beating unranked teams by a large margin and apparently TCU isn't. Just a week a go, the Horned Frogs defeated the Texas 50-7, the same Longhorns that defeated 10th ranked Sooners. Baylor is definitley a great team but they have yet to play anyone worth considering. They won't play anyone until November 5th when they take a trip to Manhattan Kansas.

  • Oklahoma State and Iowa enter our top 15. Both are at a surprising 6-0 but neither have a win against a top ten opponent. Ok-State has a tougher road than the Hawkeyes, with Baylor and TCU still on the schedule; on the otherhand, Iowa won't face another ranked opponent for the rest of the season.

  • Florida and Michigan continue their hotstreak. Both have appeared in some early playoff rankings for good reason. Florida has four SEC wins and Michigan posted their third straight shutout. Big games are on the horizon, Michigan takes on Michigan State and Florida travels to LSU.

Player of the Weekend

Michigan Defense – This is the first time we have selected 11 players as the POTW. Michgan's defense has been lights out, not allowing a touchdown since the fourth quarter of their game against UNLV on September 19th. Currently they are only allowing 6 points a game and less than 200 total yards, second behind Boston College in total defense.

Honorable mention:

  • Trevone Boykin, QB TCU – 425 total yards, 4 TDS vs Kansas State
  • Dalvin Cook, RB FSU – 22 carries 222 yards 2 Tds, receiving touchdown.

This was probably the best moment of the weekend. You don't expect to hear or see this much maturity from a young man but Fournette is proving that he is not your typical jock that plays in the SEC. And for those that are wondering, the NCAA did approve him auctioning off his jersey. 

Power 5 rankings

  1. Big 12

  2. Big Ten

  3. SEC

  4. ACC

  5. PAC 12

Not much movement in the rankings which means no movement in the Power 5 rankings. Check back next week after some big games are played.

We hope Sarkisian can not only make his back on to the sidelines but also get healthy. You never want to see a coach or player struggle with drug use. Hopefully this leave of absence will help the head coach get through his struggles. 

You never want to see a man get fired, but since will still recieve $4.7 million from the Terps, it's ok to be happy that he will no longer be in charge of the football program. Natives here in Maryland are very eager to burst back on to the national scene, and I never thought Edsall was that guy. He walked into a sticky situation, replacing a well liked coach in Ralph Friedgen, who was fired after winning ACC Coach of the Year for the second time, so fans were already upset. Edsall could never dig out of that hole and their hearts. The numbers speak voulumes; 22-33 record, 0-12 vs AP ranked opponents, 0-2 in Bowl Games, and he never eclipsed 10 wins in a season. 

Games to watch next week

  • #14 Iowa @ Northwestern – Northwestern just suffered their first loss to the Wolverines, which is why they fell out of the Fan-I 15. This will be a tough game for the Hawkeyes but I predict them to win by two possessions.
  • #8 Alabama @ #12 Texas A&M – The Aggies are quietly ranked in the AP top ten. I think they are benefiting from being in the SEC because I haven't seen much from them to make me believe they are top ten. Bama shouldn't lose this one.
  • #4 Michigan State @ #10 Michigan – A rivalry game with major playoff implications. I'm not sure why this game isn't at night but I know the BIG HOUSE will be rocking.
  • #11 Florida @ #5 LSU – Another big game with playoff implications. The Gators are walking into Death Valley as the underdogs and will try to contain the unstoppable force that is Leonard Fournette.
  • Arizona State @ #6 Utah – The Utes are the hottest team in football this season but the Sun Devils will look to knock off their second top-ten this season, defeating UCLA a couple weeks ago.  
  • USC @ #13 Notre Dame - The Trojans are coming off another upset loss to an un-ranked opponent in the Pac-12. Their head coach will not be on the sidelines, and offensive coordinator Clay Helton will take over as interim head coach. With everything stacked against them, don't be surprised if the Trojans can walk out of South Bend with a victory. 

The Weekend: Utah Embarrasses Oregon; Fournette rushes for 200+

Last week, I said Alabama and USC suffered losses that will damage their program in the long-run. This week Oregon suffered one of those same program-defining losses, just multiplied by 5. The Ducks on home soil suffered a 62-20 loss to Utah, who essentially was the underdog in this game. The Utes gave the fans of Eugene, Oregon the worst experience since 1977, when the Washington Huskies defeated the Ducks 54-0. Vernon Adams Jr. and Jeff Lockie played in this slaughter and could only put together two scoring drives, something that is unheard from the innovative no-huddle offense of Oregon. This goes to show you that no matter what, anyone can be beat in college – especially if they lack a quarterback.

Fan-I 15

  1. Ohio State (4-0) LW 1, W 38-12 Western Michigan

  2. TCU (4-0) LW 2, W 55-52 @ Texas Tech

  3. Baylor (4-0) LW 3, W 70-12 Rice

  4. Michigan State (4-0) LW 4, W 30-10 Central Michigan

  5. LSU (3-0) LW 5, W 34-24 @ Syracuse

  6. UCLA (4-0) LW 8, W 56-30 @ Arizona

  7. Florida State (3-0) LW 6, BYE

  8. Notre Dame (4-0) LW 9, W 62-27 UMass

  9. Georgia (4-0) LW 8, W 48-6 Southern

  10. Ole Miss (4-0) LW 11, W 27-16 Vanderbilt

  11. Alabama (3-1) LW 10, W 34-0 UL-Monroe

  12. Utah (4-0) LW NR, W 62-20 @ #12 Oregon

  13. Clemson (3-0) LW 13, BYE

  14. Oklahoma (3-0) LW 14, BYE

  15. Northwestern (4-0) LW NR, W 24-14 Ball State

  • There was some slight movement in the in the rankings. UCLA and Notre Dame made the biggest impressions for me, along with Utah. UCLA went into Tuscon and defeated the Arizona Wildcats who was 16th in the AP polls. The Bruins were apart of many pre-season Final Four playoff rankings, and so far with the freshman quarterback, they have not disappointed. It will be interesting to see how they pan out during conference play, in what some are calling the “best conference in football”.

  • Michigan enters the AP Polls this week after they spanked BYU 31-0, their first shutout since 2011.

Derek Jeter takes in the Michigan game as they play BYU at the Big House. #Repost @umichathletics

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Player of the Weekend

(Ap Photo) 

(Ap Photo) 

Leonard Fournette, RB LSU – 26 carries 244 yards 2 touchdowns vs Syracuse

For the second week in a row, Fournette has rushed for over 200 yards while averaging at least 9 yards per carry. I'm not sure if anyone will be able to stop this kid this season. The #1 player coming out of high school in 2013 is on a mission to prove that he is the best back in the country, and maybe the best back we seen since Adrian Peterson. We'll see if he can continue this run streak.

Honorable Mention:

  • Josh Doctson, WR TCU – 18 catches 267 yards 3 Tds vs Texas Tech

Treyvone Boykin, QB TCU – 34/54 485 yards 4 Tds vs Texas Tech

Travis Wilson, QB Utah – 327 total yards 5 Tds vs Oregon

This week of college football wasn't very exciting other than Utah demolishing Oregon. What is on the horizon though is full on conference play, which separates the men from the boys. Some teams have already played conference games but from here on out that’s all it will be.

On 4th and 14, Florida QB Will Grier finds WR Antonio Callaway for an epic last-minute 63-yard touchdown to beat Tennessee.

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The SEC is already two games into their conference season, Florida leading the East and Ole Miss leading the West. They will meet next week in Florida, which I think will be a very tough game for Ole Miss. Last season they had a taste of what it is like to be the favorite, winning seven games straight before losing four of their last six. This will be Florida's first time starting 4-0 since 2012, where they finished 11-2.

Power 5 conference Rankings

  1. Big Ten

  2. Big 12

  3. SEC

  4. PAC 12

  5. ACC

I think people are a little too over-excited about the PAC-12. I understand that they have 5 teams in the AP Rankings but the highest ranked team is UCLA at #7. Utah made a strong jump to #10 but their win against the Ducks just proved that Oregon isn't that good. The Big Ten and Big 12 split our top four teams, while the SEC sits outside. There is a strong possibility the SEC will only have one team in the 4-team playoff, or maybe even worse, no teams at all. How amusing would that be?

Games to Watch Next Week

Fan-i 15 rankings

  • West Virginia @ #14 Oklahoma – The over/under for this game is 58.5, I say take the over.
  • Minnesota @ #15 Northwestern – The Wildcats are undefeated and are receiving some love from both us and the AP voters. The Golden Gophers will give them a tough challenge in this trap game.
  • #11 Alabama @ #9 Georgia – The Bulldogs will have the opportunity to put end to any playoff hopes the Tide has with home victory. The last time the Bulldogs defeated Bama in Sanford Stadium was 2003.
  • #10 Ole Miss @ Florida – Last time these two played was in 2008, where the Rebels defeated the 4th Gators in Gainesville 31-30. The Gator went on to win the 2008 BCS Championship and 22 straight games.
  • #8 Notre Dame @ #13 Clemson – This is my pick for game of the week. I always thought Death Valley was one of the most hostile environments in college football, especially when the Tigers are one of the better teams in the country. I'm curious to see how backup turned starter, Deshone Kizer, will handle the raucous crowd.   

The Weekend: Bama suffers home loss; Buckeyes struggle; Power 5 rankings

You never know what's going to happen on Saturday during the autumn months. We all look at the polls and records, and think we know who will win each week. Vegas had the Buckeyes a 34 ½-point favorites against Northern Illinois; they would only win 20-13 while committing 5 turnovers. Alabama was set to revenge their loss to Ole Miss from 1 season ago, instead they lose to Ole Miss in consecutive games for the first time ever. You can't really predict stuff in college football – I'm not surprised Bama loss though. This is the beauty of college football, each Saturday, we're walking into the unknown. 

AP Rankings

1Ohio State(42) 3-0 1490—

2Michigan State(7) 3-0 14152

3Ole Miss(11) 3-0 134512

4TCU 3-0 1345—

5Baylor 2-0 1213—

6Notre Dame 3-0 11832

7Georgia 3-0 1162—

8LSU(1) 2-0 10885

9UCLA 3-0 9811

10Florida State 3-0 9531

11Clemson 3-0 903—

12Alabama 2-1 88210

13Oregon 2-1 8551

14Texas A&M 3-0 7983

15Oklahoma 3-0 7821

16Arizona 3-0 4884

17Northwestern 3-0 4696

18Utah 3-0 4393

19USC 2-1 36713

20Georgia Tech 2-1 3526

21Stanford 2-1 288—

22Wisconsin 2-1 1742

BYU 2-1 1743

24Oklahoma State 3-0 1491

25Missouri 3-0 1353

Fan-I 15

1. Ohio State (3-0) LW 1 W 20-13 Northern Illinois
2. TCU (3-0) LW 2, W 56-37 SMU
3. Baylor (2-0) LW 4, BYE
4. Michigan State (3-0) LW 5, W 35-21 Air Force
5. LSU (2-0) LW 13, W 45-21 #6 Auburn
6. Florida State (2-0) LW 7, W 14-0 @ Boston College
7. Georgia (3-0) LW 8, South Carolina 52-20
8. UCLA (3-0) LW9, W 24-23 BYU
9. Notre Dame (3-0) LW 13, W 30-22 Georgia Tech
10. Alabama (2-1) LW 2, L 37-43 Ole Miss
11. Ole Miss (3-0) LW NR, W 43-37 #2 Alabama
12. Oregon (2-1) LW 11, W 61-28 Georgia State
13. Clemson (3-0) LW 12, W 20-17 @ Louisville
14. Oklahoma (3-0) LW 15, W 52-38 Tulsa
15. Auburn (2-1) LW 6, L 21-45 @ #13 LSU 

  • The SEC beat up on one another this week. This was a physical week that really separated the boys from the men. Alabama suffered a bad loss, one I think that will impact the program in recruiting, losing to Ole Miss for the second year straight. Ole Miss had a19-point lead in the fourth quarter, which led to the exiting of many Tide fans. Ole Miss did allow the Crimson Tide to come back but the Rebels answered with dagger-like plays that eventually took the spirit out of Bryant-Denney Stadium. On the good side, we seen the return of wide receiver Laquon Treadwell for Ole Miss. Treadwell broke his leg last season against Auburn, which was the beginning of the Rebels tumultuous late season run. This weekend against Bama, he caught 5 passes for 80 yards and a 4th quarter touchdown that put the Rebels up 19.
  • LSU made the biggest leap. I come to realization that Auburn is not that good. Of course Founette had one of the best rushing displays in recent memory – which I will get to later – but the Tigers on defense did not want to tackle anyone. Leonard Fournette had the best quote at the end of the game, “it's a football game, its not about talking”. When Fournette trucked over Auburn safety, Blake Countess, before running into the endzone, he essentially took the soul out of War Eagle's defense, because they didn't want to tackle anymore. LSU front line set the tone early because they were driving the Tigers front 7 down the field. Physically, LSU just outmatched Aubun, the primary reason why this game went the way it did. 
  • It's interesting seeing how the Buckeyes handle being champions. When you are the defending champs, you can't struggle with teams that aren't ranked. Even though every team you face that season is going to go for your jugglar, just to say they knocked off the champs, you can not have close games in September. Florida State went through it last season and I can see it happening with Ohio State. Did the Buckeyes look vulnerable on offense? Maybe, but their defense made the biggest plays of the day, Darron Lee returning the interception to put them up 10. Sometimes every game won't be perfect, but as long you get the “W”, that's all that really matters. 


Player of the Weekend

Leonard Fournette was unstoppable against Auburn. It will be interesting to see how teams prepare for him the rest of this season. (AP Photo) 

Leonard Fournette was unstoppable against Auburn. It will be interesting to see how teams prepare for him the rest of this season. (AP Photo) 

Leonard Fournette had no chill this weekend. Just like viral star, Brody, Fournette rocked a bald head and demolished Auburn. His performance has everyone crowning him as this year's Hiesman winner, which is obviously premature, but he did create the conversation. I've seen others also say he is ready for the NFL right now, and should be able to skip his mandatory junior season. The thing about this generations, we tend to easily forget. I understand that Fournette had a legendary performance as a sophomore, but he isn't the first. As far as the Heisman, Fournette has 6 touchdowns and 387 yards vs. SEC opponents, I think it's safe to say he is the front-runner. 

Honorable Mention:

  • Trevone Boykin, QB TCU – 21/30 454 yards 5 Tds, 50 rush yards 1 TD vs SMU
  • Jerrod Heard, QB Texas – 527 total yards 3 rushing Tds vs CAL
  • CJ Prosise, RB ND – 22 carries 198 yards 3 Tds vs Georgia Tech 

We've seen some great college football drama this week. The top 4 teams in our rankings and the AP rankings, I think will look completely different by time the first set of rankings are released. The SEC might only have 1 team in the playoff rankings, and I got that team being LSU. Other than that, it's no dominant teams in the SEC this year. Arkansas took an L for the SEC losing to their second straight out-of-conference opponent. By time the other SEC West teams get a chance to beat Arkansas, it won't hold much weight. 

USC losing to Stanford was a bad loss for the program, similar to Bama. The Trojans were highly-touted this season, but an early conference loss like this, won't play well in their favor. Reason why I think Bama and SC took blows to their program is because I think these are losses in the recruiting field also. When was the last time you seen Alabama fans leave a game early? I never thought they were best fans in college football – they were mainly riding the wave, but I've never seen them leave a game like that. 

The term “Power 5 Conference” is becoming one of favorites. Not only do it give a name to the best conferences in college football, but it's fun comparing them. Here is my ranking of the 5 conferences 

1. Big 12
2. SEC
3. Big Ten
4. Pac 12
5. ACC

Big 12 might not have as many teams as the SEC in the rankings, but they are 2-0 against the Southeastern Conference.  Arkansas took a butt-whooping from Texas Tech, who wasn't no where near the rankings to begin the season. Arkansas started the year ranked in the top 25 and has lost back-to-back games to un-ranked teams at home. 

Games to watch next week: 

*Fan-I Rankings

  • Utah @ #12 Oregon – The Ducks will have a tough conference battle with Utah and if James Jr. is still out with an injured index finger, than an upset could be on the horizon in Eugene.  
  • #2 TCU @ Texas Tech – The Horned Frogs are walking into a potential trap game, one I think will have implications on the playoffs rankings. 
  • #8 UCLA @ Arizona – Primetime game in Arizona are always tough. I wouldn't consider this a trap game because the Wildcats actually have some talent. Someone will suffer their first loss after this one. I expect a shootout. 
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