The Weekend: Florida smash Ole Miss; Four teams in top ten suffer losses; Elliot rushes for 274 yards

While the top 4 teams switched spots, the bottom half of the top ten seen a major shake up. 4 teams in the Fan-I top ten suffered losses this past weekend, which means spots are available. What I find most entertaining is how the Associated Press over rank a team and then that team losses badly weeks after. Ole Miss jumped from #15 to #3 after defeating Alabama – that same #3 team was trailing Florida 25-0 at halftime. This week Utah made the ultimate leap jumping to #5 after not even playing this week. It's safe to say that Utah earned that leap after defeating two AP ranked teams convincingly, Oregon and Michigan, and will face another this week, newly ranked California. 

AP Rankings 


1Ohio State(38) 5-0

2TCU(5) 5-0 

3Baylor(10) 4-0

4Michigan State 5-0

5Utah(7) 4-0

6Clemson 4-0

7LSU 4-0

8Alabama 4-1

9Texas A&M(1) 5-0

10Oklahoma 4-0

11Florida 5-0

12Florida State 4-0

13Northwestern 5-0

14Ole Miss 4-1

15Notre Dame 4-1

16Stanford 4-1

17USC 3-1

18Michigan 4-1

19Georgia 4-1

20UCLA 4-1 

21Oklahoma State 5-0 

22Iowa 5-0 

23California 5-0 

24Toledo 4-0

25Boise State 4-1

Fan-I 15

1. Ohio State (5-0) LW 1, W 34-27 @ Indiana
2. TCU (5-0) LW 2, W 50-7 Texas
3. Baylor (5-0) LW 3, W 63-35 Texas Tech* 
4. Michigan State (5-0) LW 4, W 24-21 Purdue
5. LSU (4-0) LW 5, W 44-22 Eastern Michigan
6. Utah (4-0) LW 12, BYE
7. Florida State (4-0) LW 7, W 24-16 Wake Forest
8. Clemson (4-0) LW 13, W 24-22 #8 Notre Dame
9. Alabama (4-1) LW 11, W 38-10 #9 Georgia
10. Oklahoma (4-0) LW 14, W 44-24 West Virginia
11. Northwestern (5-0) LW 15, W 27-0 Minnesota
12. Florida (5-0) LW NR, 38-10 #10 Ole Miss
13. Texas A&M (5-0) LW NR, W 30-17 Mississippi State
14. Notre Dame (4-1) LW 8, L 22-24 @ #13 Clemson
15. Michigan (4-1) LW NR, W 28-0 @ Maryland 

  • The AP and Fan-I 15 top 4 are identical – even though the our top 4 has looked this way since week 3. 
  • TCU offense with Trevone Boykins, a former receiver, seemed to have found their groove since that slow start in the beginning of the season against Minnesota. Boykins threw his 76th touchdown pass against Texas, passing Andy Dalton for the most touchdown passes in school history. 
  • The Buckeyes had themselves another scare, barely defeating the Indiana Hoosiers. The Buckeyes won't see a ranked opponent until late November, and I'm curious to see how long the AP voters will keep them at #1. I already know the playoff committee won't keep them at #1 if they keep having these “unimpressive” wins. 
  • Florida, Utah, Michigan are the hottest teams in the country. Michigan defense for the second week in a row shut out their opponent. I'm still skeptical on their quarterback situation, but for now Jake Rudock is getting the job done. Florida embarrassed the Rebels from the opening kickoff. After defeating Tennessee, first year Gator coach,  Jim McElwain, said that they'll do their best against the Rebels who should “beat the heck out of them”. I think his players took that to heart. 
  • Bama makes their way back into the top ten after trumping the Bulldogs. Bama needed a win like this to prove pundits like myself, that they are not overrated. If the Tide can keep their record to only one loss for the next three weeks, just in time for the playoff rankings, don't be surprised if they are in that top 4, 

Player of the Weekend

(David Jablonski/Daily Dayton News)

(David Jablonski/Daily Dayton News)

Ezekiel Elliot, RB Ohio State – 23 carries 274 yards 3 touchdowns vs Indiana
Coming into the season, everyone was riding the wave that was Ezekiel Elliot, but once Leonard Fournette started running defensive backs over, Elliot became the forgotten back –  not this week. Elliott rushed for a career high, second most this season (Tyler Ervin San Jose State 300 yards 9/26), and second behind Eddie George for most in Ohio State history. 

Honorable Mention: 

  • Leonard Fournette, RB LSU – 26 carries 233 yards 3 Tds vs Eastern Michigan
  • Kavontae Turpin, WR TCU – 6 catches 138 yards 4 Tds vs Texas 

Power 5 Rankings 

1. Big-12
2. Big Ten
3. SEC
4. ACC
5. PAC-12 

The Big 12 only has three teams ranked in the Fan-I 15 but I think their conference has been most consistent so far this season, reason why I put them ahead the Big Ten. SEC seen two of their top-ten teams suffer losses to lower ranked teams, something that seems to happen every week in the SEC. The ACC jumps the PAC-12 solely because of Clemson victory over Notre Dame, who will play an ACC schedule but remain Independent. With UCLA losing to an unranked Arizona State, it will leave the PAC-12 with one team in the top ten; if Utah suffers a loss, I don't think the PAC-12 will get a team to crack the playoff committee's top 4. 

Games to watch next weekend 

  • #11 Northwestern @ #15 Michigan – How often do you see the Wolverines playing the underdog role against Northwestern? Both teams need a win to push them a little bit closer to the top ten rankings. I expect good in Ann Arbor. 
  • #2 TCU @ Kansas State – The only reason why I think this is a game to watch is because, one it is under the lights, and two, TCU is the road. Those two factors are always a tough mixture for top ranked teams to swallow. I do think the Horned Frogs will win this game but it will be a tough one. 
  • Miami @ #7 Florida State – Florida State has won the last 5 meetings in this rivalry. Even though Miami is unranked, I still think this will be one of the better games of the weekend. 
  • #12 Florida @ Missouri – Florida will play their first game on the road as a top ranked teams and a favorite. This game will also be under the lights and I'm not sure if the Gators will be able to handle the pressure and may become victim of the trap game. 
  • California @ #6 Utah – Rice-Eccles Stadium will be rocking Saturday night for this game. Both squads are undefeated, something no one predicted for these two PAC-12 darkhorses. 

#10 Oklahoma vs. Texas – Texas doesn't make this game a must see but this is the Red River Shootout where rankings and records don't mean much. In 2013, the unranked Longhorns defeated the #12 Sooners 36-20 in Mack Brown's final season as Texas head coach. I expect the Longhorns to come out inspired. 

The Weekend: Utah Embarrasses Oregon; Fournette rushes for 200+

Last week, I said Alabama and USC suffered losses that will damage their program in the long-run. This week Oregon suffered one of those same program-defining losses, just multiplied by 5. The Ducks on home soil suffered a 62-20 loss to Utah, who essentially was the underdog in this game. The Utes gave the fans of Eugene, Oregon the worst experience since 1977, when the Washington Huskies defeated the Ducks 54-0. Vernon Adams Jr. and Jeff Lockie played in this slaughter and could only put together two scoring drives, something that is unheard from the innovative no-huddle offense of Oregon. This goes to show you that no matter what, anyone can be beat in college – especially if they lack a quarterback.

Fan-I 15

  1. Ohio State (4-0) LW 1, W 38-12 Western Michigan

  2. TCU (4-0) LW 2, W 55-52 @ Texas Tech

  3. Baylor (4-0) LW 3, W 70-12 Rice

  4. Michigan State (4-0) LW 4, W 30-10 Central Michigan

  5. LSU (3-0) LW 5, W 34-24 @ Syracuse

  6. UCLA (4-0) LW 8, W 56-30 @ Arizona

  7. Florida State (3-0) LW 6, BYE

  8. Notre Dame (4-0) LW 9, W 62-27 UMass

  9. Georgia (4-0) LW 8, W 48-6 Southern

  10. Ole Miss (4-0) LW 11, W 27-16 Vanderbilt

  11. Alabama (3-1) LW 10, W 34-0 UL-Monroe

  12. Utah (4-0) LW NR, W 62-20 @ #12 Oregon

  13. Clemson (3-0) LW 13, BYE

  14. Oklahoma (3-0) LW 14, BYE

  15. Northwestern (4-0) LW NR, W 24-14 Ball State

  • There was some slight movement in the in the rankings. UCLA and Notre Dame made the biggest impressions for me, along with Utah. UCLA went into Tuscon and defeated the Arizona Wildcats who was 16th in the AP polls. The Bruins were apart of many pre-season Final Four playoff rankings, and so far with the freshman quarterback, they have not disappointed. It will be interesting to see how they pan out during conference play, in what some are calling the “best conference in football”.

  • Michigan enters the AP Polls this week after they spanked BYU 31-0, their first shutout since 2011.

Derek Jeter takes in the Michigan game as they play BYU at the Big House. #Repost @umichathletics

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Player of the Weekend

(Ap Photo) 

(Ap Photo) 

Leonard Fournette, RB LSU – 26 carries 244 yards 2 touchdowns vs Syracuse

For the second week in a row, Fournette has rushed for over 200 yards while averaging at least 9 yards per carry. I'm not sure if anyone will be able to stop this kid this season. The #1 player coming out of high school in 2013 is on a mission to prove that he is the best back in the country, and maybe the best back we seen since Adrian Peterson. We'll see if he can continue this run streak.

Honorable Mention:

  • Josh Doctson, WR TCU – 18 catches 267 yards 3 Tds vs Texas Tech

Treyvone Boykin, QB TCU – 34/54 485 yards 4 Tds vs Texas Tech

Travis Wilson, QB Utah – 327 total yards 5 Tds vs Oregon

This week of college football wasn't very exciting other than Utah demolishing Oregon. What is on the horizon though is full on conference play, which separates the men from the boys. Some teams have already played conference games but from here on out that’s all it will be.

On 4th and 14, Florida QB Will Grier finds WR Antonio Callaway for an epic last-minute 63-yard touchdown to beat Tennessee.

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The SEC is already two games into their conference season, Florida leading the East and Ole Miss leading the West. They will meet next week in Florida, which I think will be a very tough game for Ole Miss. Last season they had a taste of what it is like to be the favorite, winning seven games straight before losing four of their last six. This will be Florida's first time starting 4-0 since 2012, where they finished 11-2.

Power 5 conference Rankings

  1. Big Ten

  2. Big 12

  3. SEC

  4. PAC 12

  5. ACC

I think people are a little too over-excited about the PAC-12. I understand that they have 5 teams in the AP Rankings but the highest ranked team is UCLA at #7. Utah made a strong jump to #10 but their win against the Ducks just proved that Oregon isn't that good. The Big Ten and Big 12 split our top four teams, while the SEC sits outside. There is a strong possibility the SEC will only have one team in the 4-team playoff, or maybe even worse, no teams at all. How amusing would that be?

Games to Watch Next Week

Fan-i 15 rankings

  • West Virginia @ #14 Oklahoma – The over/under for this game is 58.5, I say take the over.
  • Minnesota @ #15 Northwestern – The Wildcats are undefeated and are receiving some love from both us and the AP voters. The Golden Gophers will give them a tough challenge in this trap game.
  • #11 Alabama @ #9 Georgia – The Bulldogs will have the opportunity to put end to any playoff hopes the Tide has with home victory. The last time the Bulldogs defeated Bama in Sanford Stadium was 2003.
  • #10 Ole Miss @ Florida – Last time these two played was in 2008, where the Rebels defeated the 4th Gators in Gainesville 31-30. The Gator went on to win the 2008 BCS Championship and 22 straight games.
  • #8 Notre Dame @ #13 Clemson – This is my pick for game of the week. I always thought Death Valley was one of the most hostile environments in college football, especially when the Tigers are one of the better teams in the country. I'm curious to see how backup turned starter, Deshone Kizer, will handle the raucous crowd.   
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