Dubville USA

Stevenson Mustangs for the third straight game dropped 20 goals, defeating Lebanon Valley 25-4. In conference play so far this season, the Stangs have outscored their opponents 124-19. 

The only real analysis from this game is that Stevenson played well and LVC didn't. Watching the game I kept asking myself, "How did this team win 8 games?", then I looked at their wins and none of those teams won more than 5 games, Three only had 2 wins, and one didn't win a game yet this season. LVC only got off 12 shots while the Stangs put 58. 

It would be too easy to go in-depth about how well the Stangs played and this dominate win, so I'm not. Instead, I'm going to be the asshole critic that nitpicks. The one thing that I did notice was it wasn't much ball movement, which they can not get away from. Even though they put the ball in the back of the net like it was an open goal, ball movement is still the key for this team in the future. In the postseason, which starts in another 3 weeks, they won't be seeing goalies that have slow reactions like LVC goalie today.

Victories like this can cause bad habits, only because the challenge is not there and hasn't been there since their Lynchburg loss on April 4th. 

 Stangs are now 11-4 on the season, ranked 7th in the USILA coaches poll, and will probably move up on Monday when the new rankings are released. Division 3 lacrosse has a serious problem with parity. It's no reason a team should have 6 conference wins where they outscored their opponents by more than 100 goals, and no disrespect to my Stevenson brethren, I just see lack of talent on the opposing side. 

Stevenson has played 6 teams in the top 25, going 2-4, but they were competitive games early in the season. I would like to see Division 3 lacrosse emulate Baltimore City High School basketball. Baltimore City has split the teams up into two divisions. Division 1 has the powerhouses of the city, while Division 2 has the inferior schools. With the split divisions, teams have to play each other twice, home & away, and it has created some intense basketball games. I think D3 could use a similar system with their top teams to get rid of this lackluster conference play.  

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