Michigan and Nike Reunite

In 1994, Michigan agreed to a Nike deal worth $1 million, a year after the Fab 5 played their last game.  The Fab 5 was famous for wearing their all-black Nikes, long shorts, and no-show socks, which help transcend a generation. That marriage lasted until 2007, Nike deciding not to match Adidas 8-year $60 million offer. 

8 years later, GO Blue and the Swoosh rekindle their old flame. 

Nike and Michigan agreed to the most lucrative apparel contract in College Sports history, 15-years $169 million. 

This decision, this partnership is about more than Michigan athletics; at the core, it is about our University community and it is about two great names reuniting for an opportunity that speaks to more than uniforms and apparel.
— Michigan interim AD Jim Hackett via BTN.com

Nike will supply all of Michigan's 31 athletic programs, both men and women, with apparel and equipment. This deal will go into effect starting August 1st 2016. 

In the first ten years of the deal, U-M will receive a little over $10 million a year, which is most for any public college athletic program, also receiving a $12 million signing bonus. Notre Dame's deal with Under Armour is worth $90 million but because it it a private institution, it does not have to disclose details of the deal. 

After 2027, the school will have an option to extend the deal thru 2031. The school's current deal with Adidas, which brings in $8 million a year, will end July 31st 2016. 

One of the coolest things about this deal is that the football team will be outfitted by the Jordan Brand, the first college football program to work with Nike's subdivision. 

If you follow Michigan football, you should know that one of Michigan’s greatest players ever, Charles Woodson, is signed with the Jordan Brand, along with Lamaar Woodley. Jordan Brand has made some very nice cleats over the years, based off the Jordan's classic basketball shoes. Some of my personal favorites are the 11s, 6s, and 9s. 

The women's and men's basketball team will also be outfitted by the Jordan Brand, which isn't as 

It's not a surprise to see the Jordan Brand being outfitting a football team since they already have big name NFL players under their umbrella. It will be weird seeing the Jumpman logo on a football jersey but at the same time, dope as hell. It's no telling whose idea it was to put the Jumpman on a football jersey, but I commend them. 

Interim athletic director, Jim Hackett, said that Jim Harbaugh voted for Nike his second day on the job. 

Men's basketball coach, John Beilein, also had good words to say about the deal, 

Michigan and Nike have a long and storied history together. The traditions and reputations of both brands make this relationship one of the best in college athletics. I am thankful to be working with them again as we represent Michigan, Nike and the Jordan Brand for many years to come.
— via MGOBLUE.com

Essentially, I think it's a perfect match. When you go back to the Fab 5 days, Nike has been synonymous. Nike was with Michigan during its glory days, while Adidas came in during the down years of one of the best college football programs in the country. On the flipside, Adidas struck gold with the basketball team, which reached the National Championship in 2013. 

With the loss of James Harden (Adidas) and Steph Curry (Under Armour), Nike making a move to get a program like Michigan back under their umbrella reminds you why they are still kings of the sports world. 

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