Mets v. Royals World Series Preview

Queens, NY or Kansas City, MO will receive a World Series trophy for the first time in decades.

The World Series championship will feature the Mets vs. The Royals. While the Mets got to the World Series by basically using four arms throwing 95+, the Royals got to the World Series by using contact hitting and not striking out. From a pure baseball perspective, this makes for an interesting World Series.

Not to mention, both teams have been tagged with the “small market team” label beating all the high-price tag teams on their way to the World Series. Last but not least, both teams have four hard throwing pitchers being labeled as underdogs, which is staggering. Considering the fact that Kansas City had the best record in the American League this season – and I am not a fan of the “radar gun” fetish in baseball – I am inclined to agree.

However are the Royals really the favourites? Are the Mets really the underdogs? Here in the Fan-I Sports preview of the World Series, we’ll breakdown who we think will win.

It should be stressed, home field advantage is very, very, very, very, important. Considering the fact that both teams in the World Series had home field advantage over their counterpart, it should show fans that home field advantage is important. Due to the worst rule in all of sports (winning league of the All-Star game gets World Series home field advantage) the Royals get home field advantage.

The Royals did have the better regular season record, so this year it doesn't bother me; however assuming that home field advantage means absolutely nothing to either team, lets break down pitching offence and defence.

Side note: Before I get the “Mets swept the Cubs in their park, idiot!” comment, I am aware. What I am saying is the Mets were able to set that up with the 2-0 lead the Mets got at Citi Field, then went and finished the Job at Wrigley Field.

To be honest, we all know that the Mets have the advantage in starting pitching. Statically the Mets should kill the Royals in the pitching department, but the Royals pitching staff actually deserve some credit.

With the exception of Cueto, Volquez, Young and Ventura have been good enough; against the Blue Jays explosive offence, the Royals pitching staff showed up in an impressive manner.

It is funny because in the Houston series it looked as if the Royals pitching staff was going to be a weakness, especially against Toronto. Obviously that was not the case, and to be honest, despite Daniel Murphy being on fire, it would be asinine to think the Mets can produce more offence than Toronto – possible to happen, asinine to suggest.

It does feels like the Royals starting pitching staff is being held up by glue, but if you believe in momentum, then Royals' fans should not be worried about the staff screwing it up.

Again, with the exception of Cueto, despite his gem against the Astros in game 5, he still looks out of sorts. There is something that is interesting and that is this radar gun fetish that the world has with baseball pitchers.

Is it impressive when Noah Syndergaard throws triple digits when he looks like he’s playing catch? Yes. Would you rather someone throw 95 rather than 75 on their fastball? Yes.

However, if there is anything the baseball world has taught me, it’s that good pitchers have good location and good movement on their pitches. The radar gun is a tool but location and movement are always the first. With that said edge to the Mets starting pitching staff.

Side note #2: do you know the Jays traded Noah Syndergaard and Travis D'Arnaud for R.A. Dickey. Granted more people were in the deal, and R.A. Dickey was coming off a Cy Young year, but wow, the Mets really won that one in the end.

Bullpen wise, advantage Royals. The Royals have probably the best 1-2-3 punch in the MLB; not to mention that the “backups” in the bullpen is crazy. Granted people give the Royals bullpen a rose coloured glasses view. Also, yes Jose Bautista almost sent the series to game 7 as a result of the bullpen screwing up and I know Colon is the people's champ, but if a manager really cannot trust anyone in his bullpen other than a forming starting pitcher, than right there should be your answer on how good the Mets bullpen is. Edge goes to the Royals.

Offensively, the Royals just don't quit. The Royals don't strike out a lot and continue to attack the gaps in defensive shifts. They hit for average and that is what makes their offense scary. It should also be said that the Royals have power in their lineup too. Not the most in the league but definitely top 15 in terms of power.

Here’s where the Mets have a chance, Daniel Murphy. Daniel Murphy is on fire to the point where it borders on ridiculous. If Daniel Murphy can continue his streak of consecutive games with a home run, as well as continue to hit for average, then we might have a tie offensively just based off that.

it is unrealistic to rely on one guy to show up, unless your Big Papi of the 2013 Red Sox. The Mets offence is not as bad as it was before August but Murphy will need to bring the big bat or the Mets will find themselves struggling to match the Royals offensive output.

Trust me, the Royals will get at least 4 runs out of a pitcher this series, so the Mets will need to hit 4 too. Edge goes to Royals.

Defensively, the Mets ability to stop runners from advancing is nice but the Royals are not the Cubs. The Royals infield in playing fantastic, especially on the corners.

Moustakas and Hosmer are playing some good defense and that’s a great asset to have.

With that said, the Mets pitching will be good and that is noted, but if someone were to ask who is the better defensive line-up, Royals is the answer. The wild card in all of this will be Cespedes’ arm. We saw Jose Bautista and his cannon arm make a mistake (which was actually plausible if Cain was not so aggressive but that’s sports for you). If Cespedes and the rest of the outfield can make the right throws at the right time then defensively the Mets are that much better.

In theory the Mets should suffer a defeat and the Royals should win their first series since 1985. The problem is the Mets are not this “underdog” people are billing them to be.

The Mets are a team with good pitching, solid defence, and is on a hot streak. Besides immeasurable factors are always very important as it was important for the NLCS and ALCS. In both series, timely pitching performances, good hitting, and timely defensive plays were made for each team.

Either way the team that executes will win the World Series and prove to all the “Big MONEY Spenders” that the little guys can win.

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