Baseball Scraps

The sport of baseball is one of the most subtle sports out there. Every now and then though, things can get a little chippy and sometimes physical between two teams. As wrong as it may be, fans love when benches clear and players go at each other necks. Its pure entertainment and show some extra emotion by the players, who don't get many opportunities to express that raw passion. So to get the baseball juices flowing for the upcoming 2015 season, I decided to go back and choose some of the most entertaining brawls in recent memory.

Date: August 4, 1993

Venue: Arlington Stadium

Teams: Chicago White Sox vs. Texas Rangers

Main Scrappers: P Nolan Ryan, 3B Robin Ventura  

Winning Team: Texas Rangers 

The best part about this fight is the age difference between Ventura and Ryan. Ryan, who was in his last season, was 43 while the younger Ventura was only 26. Unfortunately for Ventura, youth was not on his side when he decided to charge the mound. Instead he caught 5 punches to the dome from The Ryan Express

Date: May 19, 1998 

Venue: Old Yankee Stadium 

Teams: Baltimore Orioles vs New York Yankees

Main Scrappers: P Armando Benitez, OF Tino Martinez, OF Darly Strawberry

Winning Team: Draw 

The Orioles and Yankees don't like each other and it's been like that for years. But after Armando Benitez stung one in the back of Tino Martinez, things got real CHIPPY. Punches were thrown, some connected, in this brawl that lasted 10 minutes.

Date: April 22, 2000 

Venue: U.S Cellular Field 

Teams: Detroit Tigers vs Chicago White Sox 

Main Scappers: Everybody 

Winning Team: Draw 

This was a good ol fashion brawl right here.  5 players were hit by pitches, a few elbows were thrown, blood was shed, and a total of 11 players were ejected. And fighting broke out in not just one, but two innings. Enjoy

Date: July 24, 2004 

Venue: Fenway Park 

Teams: New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox

Main Scappers: C Jason Varitek, 3B Alex Rodriguez, P Curt Schilling, OF Gabe Kapler, P Tanyon Sturtze

Winning Team: Boston Red Sox 

You know we couldn't talk about baseball brawls without including one from the early 2000s between the most infamous rivals in sports.

Date: May 20, 2006

Venue: U.S Cellular Field

Teams: Chicago Cubs vs. Chicago White Sox

Main Scrappers: C Michael Barrett

Winning Team: Chicago Cubs

For some reason Michael Barrett didn't appreciate A.J Pierzynski, another catcher, running him over at the plate. Barrett never had the ball but he blocked the plate leaving Pierzynski no choice. Well Pierzynski left Barrett no choice but to check his chin.

Date: July 8, 2011

Venue: Fenway Park

Teams: Baltimore Orioles vs. Boston Red Sox

Main Scrappers: DH David Ortiz, P Kevin Gregg

Winning Team: Draw

This is the only fight I seen break out that started out as a routine out. I remember watching this game and my first thought was "they just pushing each other". It still was funny and if Ortiz would have connected with that left uppercut, it might have been night night for Kevin Gregg.

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