Now I'm Hot, They all on me

A year ago at this time, Alex Rodriguez was MLB enemy #1. He lied about his steroid use and was serving a 162 game suspension but like the great J. Cole said, “....your life can change in one year, even when its dark out the sun is shining somewhere”. Well I think the Sun is shining on A-Rod. 

Alex Rodriguez hit home run 661 Thursday night, passing Willie Mays on the all-time home run list, in the Yankees 4-5 win over the Orioles. A-Rod sent a Chris Tillman changeup over the wall in left center field in the third inning, giving the Yanks 3-2 lead. After he rounded the bases and entered the dugout, manager Joe Giradi gave him the nod to step out and accept his curtain call. It was definite an historical moment for A-Rod but what made it special was the humility he expressed after the game. 

Nobody will ever pass Willie Mays. I’ve talked about him being my father’s favorite player. There’s only one Willie Mays; not only what he did on the field, but what he meant off the field. He’s a legend. He’s also a role model for all of us.
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Homer 661 would have came in the 1st inning but O's right fielder, Delmon Young, robbed A-rod, snagging the ball on top of the wall in right field. Next for A-Rod to catch is “The Great Bambino” Babe Ruth, who is third with 714 bombs. 

A-Rod has been a big reason why the Yankees are leading the AL East with an 18-12 record. At DH A-Rod has hit 7 home runs and 18 RBIs with a .231 batting average.  

The New York fans has been very hospitable towards A-Rod which is somewhat surprising to me. A part of me is surprised because of the fact that he did lie and is costing the Yankees millions of dollars but then again, he is playing well and the Yankees are winning which makes the forgiving process much easier. A-Rod hasn't been voted to an All-Star game since 2011 and if he can stay at this pace, I think he will be voted in which will be a true sign that all has been forgiven. 

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