David Price Traded to the Blue Jays

(TORONTO) Growing up in Toronto, I am no stranger to sporting defeats. Whether it is the Raptors, Leafs, Blue Jays etc. I have seen every team in the city fail miserably.

Price is 7-0 at the Rodgers Centre in 9 starts. He also holds a 3.86 ERA. (AP Photo)

Price is 7-0 at the Rodgers Centre in 9 starts. He also holds a 3.86 ERA. (AP Photo)

From blowing a three goal lead in the third period (Leafs) to a single player scoring 81 points on a team in one game (Raptors), to having a 21-year playoff drought (Blue Jays), and being a franchise that no one wants to be in (All of them). Many sports fans in Toronto have been beaten down by Toronto teams so bad that fans tend to get excited easily.

However, Toronto sports fans are now allowed to get excited for good reason because along with Troy Tulowitzki being acquired by the Blue Jays on Monday night, David Price is now a member of the Toronto Blue Jays. 

The Blue Jays acquired David Price from the Detroit Tigers in exchange for three minor league pitchers in Daniel Norris, Matt Boyd, And Jairo Labourt.

Any baseball fan can be excited about David Price being on their favorite team. He's a former Cy Young winner, historically pitches well in the Rogers Centre, and this year he has a ERA of 2.53 - 12th in all of baseball - and a whip of 1.11. In addition to that, this season Price is 4th in innings pitched, 9th in strikeouts, and has a 4.75 strikeout-to-walk ratio.

Overall it is a good deal for the Blue Jays, however it is a risky deal as well, for one reason; David Price has an expiring contract which means the Blue Jays can only get 10 guaranteed starts out of Price and are most likely not re-signing him.

This deal can go one of two ways. One, David Price has no impact and the Blue Jays do not make the playoffs, as well as lose Price in the off-season plus the three prospects, one of which (Norris) looks very promising.

However their is the second way that this deal can go. Price can have a big impact and help lead the Blue Jays to the playoffs, from there only God knows what happens.

In either case, Price is most likely going to another team after this season but as fans we do not have to be concerned with that. As fans we can get excited that the Blue Jays on paper look posed to end their post season drought. 

Michael Asiffo

Michael Asiffo is currently a student at York University. He is a lover of almost all sports and enjoys the essence of fandom towards sports. His love for sports arose as a young child watching the Toronto Raptors in the Vince Carter era and has been following the 4 major north American leagues since (NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB).As the creator of the Weekend Warriors, Asiffo's goal is to always allow the average fan to smile at the lighter side at sports but he will also have dark conversations about certain elements of sports as well.

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