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Michael's Weekend Warriors: Week 9

If I had one phrase for the NFL this week, it would be "it's not how you start, it's how you finish". Crazy finishes in a lot of games this week and that's something the NFL fans love. 

Best team of the Week

(AP Photo) 

(AP Photo) 

Going into week 9, the Denver Broncos were one of the undefeated teams in the NFL. Not only that but it looked as if Peyton Manning had finally found his stride, and was on his way to playing to his normal stature.

Add to the equation that this week they were playing against a struggling and seemingly dysfunctional Indianapolis Colts squad, and suddenly one would think this is guaranteed win for the Broncos.

Well how wrong we were.

For one week, the Colts dug deep, doing just enough to beat the Denver Broncos by a score of 27-24. For that the Indianapolis Colts are the best team of the Week. What impressed me most was how the Colts offense fared against the Broncos defense. The Broncos defense is one of the best units in the league this year and the Colts played really well against them. Yards wise, the Colts offense was average but the not a single Turnover for the Colts in this game. Considering that the main issue all season long for the Colts is turnovers, this was very surprising that they took care of the pigskin against a top 5 defense. 

Worst Team of the Week

(AP Photo) 

(AP Photo) 

Shout out the to the Cleveland Browns (who offensively were shut down for nearly a half) but this week it goes to the Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons started the season  5-0, but are now 6-3. In my opinion, the last time the Atlanta Falcons played particularly well was in week 4. Since then, the Falcons have not put their best foot forward.

This week was no exception. Once again the Falcons did not play their best football and it resulted in a 16-17 loss against the San Francisco 49ers. Never mind that San Francisco had Blaine Gabbert at quarterback and still won. The thing that upset me most was that the Falcons down by four with about 3 minutes left, at the 49ers 2 yard line, elect to kick a field goal. I am not an NFL head coach by any stretch of the imagination but to me this is a classic case of another NFL coaching staff over thinking it.

For the record I think coach Dan Quinn is doing a good job with the Atlanta Falcons, but that is a serious 'come on man' moment. 

Best Player of the Week

(Rob Foldy/Getty Images)

(Rob Foldy/Getty Images)

A team that I personally think can make a surprise run is the Buffalo Bills. When healthy the Bills have a lot of talent on both sides of the ball and they have shown it.

This week they beat the Miami Dolphins in a game that ended with the score being 33-17. Most people were talking about about Tyrod Taylor being effective with his 11/12 181 yards 1 passing touchdown performance. While that is obviously justified I found it more impressive that Sammy Watkins was the Culprit for 8 of those completions, 168 of those yards, and the only passing touchdown.

Watkins was impressive but Antonio Brown of the Steelers statically had a better day for the Steelers (17 catches 284 yards and 2 rushes for 22 yards), thus I am conflicted.

There are two reasons to me why Brown doesn't get best player of the week outright. First, Watkins does not have the benefit of having an elite quarterback throwing to him. Second, while Big Ben Threw 44 times, Taylor only threw 12 times. This leads me to believe that the targets-to-catch ratio for Sammy Watkins was better than Antonio Browns.

Sammy Watkins had 8 catches on 8 targets, Antonio Brown had 17 catches on 23 targets. To catch every ball that is coming your way in an NFL game is extremely difficult. This is why both Sammy Watkins and Antonio Brown will get best Players of the week. 

Worst Player of the Week

(AP Photo)

(AP Photo)

Devonta Freeman of the Falcons has been surprisingly good this year, second in the league in rushing yards; however, this week he was pretty bad.

12 yards on 12 carries.

Granted the Atlanta Falcons offensive line for some reason couldn't create the holes needed for Freeman but Freeman is one of the hottest running backs in the league right now so it was disappointing to see him struggle. 

Game of the Week

(AP Photo) 

(AP Photo) 

It has not been a good week for Cowboys fans for many reasons. While Weekend Warriors will not delve into the social aspects as to why that is,  but when it's strictly football reasons, Weekend Warriors has no problems doing so.

The Cowboys blew an overtime game against division rival Philadelphia Eagles. The game ended on a 41 yard touchdown pass from Sam Bradford to Annikan's favorite receiver, Jordan Matthews (I'm being facetious but he does think he's got talent). Matthews was wide open and made a DB miss to get to the end zone.

This was one of those times where two bad teams end up playing a good game. While I don't think the Cowboys are going to be bad forever this season, they are bad right now and the Eagles against this bad team played to their level. Before I throw too much shade on both teams, I should say it was a good game that I was captivated by.

Surprise of the Week

(Getty Images)

(Getty Images)

Has anyone noticed the CJ2K is third in rushing yards. Not long ago I thought it was time for him to hang it up because of his lackluster performances. Now that he has an offensive line to protect him in Arizona, he has bounced back and made me eat my words. Usually, I don't like being wrong but I want to be wrong about player performances because at the end of the day, its tough to see a guy not play well. For the record, the Arizona Cardinals had a bye week but they will be playing in Seattle against the Seahawks. 

Game to watch next week

If any a team can beat an undefeated Patriots team, it's an okay Giants team. Pardon me rubbing salt in the wound of the Patriots faithful (sorry, not sorry) but I think this match-up is actually very interesting. I think this is what experts would call a 'trap game'. Patriots are destroying everything in their path and are facing a team, that mentally, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have to have some anger against. This will either be a one-sided butt whooping where the Patriots will defeat the Giants or a close and shocking upset where the Giants become the first blemish on the Patriots record. 

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