Fight to the Finish

 A couple months ago, I had an article up talking about basically how NHL teams are doing. This was when the East was so tight that one week could be the difference between 3rd and 9th. I also said that the team I wouldn’t worry about was the Detroit Red Wings and the team that fans should worry about are the Toronto Maple Leafs ,who was sitting in 5th at the time. Well boy do I have news for you. There is quite the playoff race developing in the East. As of Wednesday Morning there was a four team tie for eighth place and it features the Maple Leafs.

As you see here, there is a 4 team tie for eighth place between the 7th place Columbus Blue Jackets, 8th place The Detroit Red Wings, 9th place Washington Capitals, and 10th place Toronto Maple Leafs. Not only that but what is more interesting is that 3 points separates the 6th place Philadelphia Flyers and the 10th place Toronto Maple Leafs. In my mind this makes the last 8 to 10 games of the season must see. This is going to sound cliché but with very good teams all jockeying for a spot in the playoffs the winners of what happens during these last 8 to 10 games are the fans. We as fans might very well see some of the best hockey played this season. Teams are desperate and unlike most sports, in hockey, once we're in the playoffs, your favorite team can make an impact.

So with all that being said, we all want to know who will make the playoffs. Well like I said, I am not worried about Detroit Red Wings but Maple Leaf fans should be very worried about the Maple Leafs. Also because the Columbus Blue Jackets have more games in hand Columbus has more of an opportunity to make it. Therefore I think Detroit and Columbus are going to the playoffs. However each team controls their destiny and so it’s not up to me who makes it, it’s up to the players on the ice.

By: Michael Asiffo

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