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Breaking: Judge Orders League's First Madden-style Fantasy Draft After Corruption Scandal

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[New York] After a quick deliberation, a federal judge found Dylan Malloy and Patrick Vincent guilty of nine counts of money laundering, and conspiracy. 

The two founding members of fantasy football start-up, Fantasy X, conspired to split over $3 billion with league officials. 

Three league officialsbwere also found guilty of three counts of conspiracy. 

The federal judge determined due to the league officials involvement with FantasyX; it voided the current collective bargaining agreement between the league and Player's Union. 

"We wish the judge gave better thought before making his decision," said a league owner who wishes to remain anonymous. "Changing the current CBA can leave dangerous ramifications on the league. The existing landscape of the league is at jeopardy." 

According to sources, the Player's Union and owners have agreed to a Madden-style fantasy draft. Each team gets the opportunity to rebuild its roster from the league's player pool. 

"Just a little get back, that's all," said an anonymous player. 

The players demanded the majority of the revenue share. Under the current CBA, players receive 48.5 percent, which means they are owed over $1.4 billion from the owners.

"People come to us, and they're stealing money," a player said via email who wanted to remain anonymous. Even with the ruling going in our favor, I'm not sure if I can play for any of these guys. Each one of them should be forced to sell the team."

Until the new CBA finalized, the judge ordered a mandatory lockout. The lockout is only expected to last a few days according to sources close to negotiations.

In preliminary discussions, the players agreed to the fantasy draft in exchange for a higher percentage of revenue to be determined in later negotiations. Sources close to the negotiations say the players could receive as much as fifty percent of the revenue, possibly more.  

Carolina Panthers new owner, Freddie Wynn, initiates his tenure in the first fantasy draft in league history.  

"I'm glad I played a lot of Madden," said the league's newest owner. Wynn breaks down other barriers becoming the youngest and first black owner in the NFL. 

"I don't think it will be any different from a regular draft," he continued. "The benefits are we know what kind of players we're drafting. It's not so much of a guessing game. We know what each player can do for our team. The biggest challenge is deciding what style of team we are going to have." 

Wynn acknowledged the high chances of losing players like Cam Newton and Christian McCaffrey but assured the fans keeping them in Carolina uniforms remains as a primary goal.  

"I would love to keep those guys, but that's not the situation. If we can get them, that'll be perfect, but we're expecting to be without them." 

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