Wynn's Buccaneers Shine in League's first fantasy Draft

The first ever fantasy draft didn’t disappoint.

It wasn’t your traditional draft. The players didn’t have to wait in a green room. There was no red carpet. Each player was allowed to stay home or wherever they wished to watch the draft. some did, some didn’t.

“Once I got the call, I didn’t care about it anymore.” one player said anonymously.

Team officials were at the venue only to inform the league. The star of the day was obviously the Buccaneers and Freddie Wynn. Wynn attacked the draft with other took the best available or youth. Wynns combined the two philosophies and built what looks to be on paper the best team in the league.

“I wanted build a strong team, both figuratively and literally,” Wynns said of his dynamic roster.

Khalil Mack was the first pick for the Bucs leading a defense full of angry pass rushers. Geno is the man in the middle at defensive tackle, while Cameron Hayward is on the opposite side of Mack. The rest of the linebacker group includes veterans Sean Lee and Thomas Davis Sr. Wynns believe despite their age, they will be very valuable to the team because of their football minds.

“We can protect them for being taking advantage by younger offenses, but you can’t replace or duplicate their football minds. And that was most important for me.”

The Bucs ended up with a defensive grade in the high 80s. Other big name defensive joined other franchises. Bobby Wagner will suit up for the Arizona Cardinals, leading a young defense. Only two players with more than seven years playing experience. Luke Kuechly heads to Baltimore to lead his own young defense.

The 49ers managed to grab JJ Watt, Von Miller, and Jadaveon Clowney, giving them the best pass rush in the league.

“I don’t know how they pulled that off. Somebody need to check on that,” Wynns said jokingly.

But Wynns pulled off an amazing draft of his own, especially on offense. Cam Newton was his second pick, which many believed was an emotional pick. Wynns has been vocal about winning the Super Bowl with a black quarterback and selecting Cam was apart of the plan. Cam will command an offense that includes, Julio Jones, Demariyus Thomas, Jimmy Graham, Tarik Cohen, and Sony Michel.

“Cam is a great quarterback. You have to put some talent around him. We like to call him superman but football is a team game. If he is Superman then this offense is the Justice League.”

No telling on whether or not the Justice League moniker will stick but their 90 rating is the highest in the league.


Meet NFL's First Black Owner: Freddie Wynns

"I love James Brown,"

Those were the words of Buccaneers’ new owner as I walked into his office of funk. “Get Up off That Thang” blared through the speakers like a 1960 bingo hall. One can only gawk at the precious memorabilia covering the office walls. The most impressive of his collection are the pop Warner jerseys. Big name players who came through his program, the Newport Beach Pirates Youth Football Club as miniature football stars.

"Youth football is the foundation. Can't get enough of it"

After acquiring majority stake in the Tampa Buccaneers, Wynns has a staff that keeps his youth football program running like an oiled machine.

He'll attempt to create the same tradition with the Panthers.

Because it is only one team - and not a program of 10 to 11 teams - he feels running the Bucs will be simpler. It's less players, less coaches, and less parents. Even with the huge financial risk, Wynns is excited to play real life Madden. His friends details the countless times they've seen Wynn playing franchise mode deep into the future.

"You'll look at the rosters and its nobody from the current year," said Thomas Higgs, Wynns childhood friend.

"I like the stories you can create from the computer generated players. It help keep the game interesting. Now I can do it with real money.”

A quick wink came with the part. Wynn financial background is humble. His career in entrepreneurship spans over 30 years. He purchased his first franchise back in 1990. A 7/11 in Baltimore Maryland. Since then, his franchise portfolio includes 17 companies and over 1,400 business, a thousand of which he owns the real estate property they rest on. He also made wise investments in the tech world; Google, Alibaba, and most recently Uber.

"I missed on Facebook. If I made that one I would own four more teams,"

According to internet sources, Wynns has a net worth of $4.7 billion, but Wynns says that number isn't accurate. He doesnt want the actual number to be out there, which is why he keeps all his financial endeavors disclosed. No matter the number, Wynns is a quintessential businessman in America.

Business has always been apart of our family, ” said his Vanessa Mays. “Our family tree is filled with entrepreneurs, all the way back to slavery.”

Mays herself has created an entreprenuerial path for herself as one of the most prolific freelance sports journalist. She credits her father for the courage to walk away from her job at the big station, ESPN.

The Wynns family started as with, Freddie’s great great grandfather, Jeremiah Wynns, who purchased his freedom after selling custom accessories to the slave owners. Jeremiah adopted the name Wynns from a slaveowner who couldn’t beat him in chess. The owner taught Jeremiah how to play, who quickly grasp the concept of “protect the queen”.

He will be in the spotlight more than he has ever been. Many are curious if he can handle the criticism and scrutiny that will surface around his life but Wynns has a different look at the spotlight. The Buccaneers haven’t won a championship since 2001 and has a franchise history of losing.

”I'm more afraid about what happens when I start winning," he said of the added attention. "I see what happen to coaches and players in the recreational ranks when people tell them their good. Because when your not good, and the ones that said you were, begin to say your bad, it gets you off your horse."

”I tell my kids all the time 'stay on your own pedestal' to help block out the noise."

The NB Pirates is the only program to win all age groups at the Pop Warner Super Bowl. It was his proudest moment. Every kid had at least two family members on the trip all expenses paid by Wynns. He doesn't see another organization joining them on that unique plateau.

"I think it's the hardest thing to do in sports."

He once had admiration to be the first athletic director at a university to win a championship in each sport during one calendar year, but couldn't find his way into the NCAA.

"I would love to do it in The Coalition but its alot of politics over there."

So he'll have to settle for one team in the Super Bowl.


Breaking: Judge Orders League's First Madden-style Fantasy Draft After Corruption Scandal

[New York] After a quick deliberation, a federal judge found Dylan Malloy and Patrick Vincent guilty of nine counts of money laundering, and conspiracy. 

The two founding members of fantasy football start-up, Fantasy X, conspired to split over $3 billion with league officials. 

Three league officials were also found guilty of three counts of conspiracy. 

The federal judge determined due to the league officials involvement with FantasyX; it voided the current collective bargaining agreement between the league and Player's Union. 

"We wish the judge gave better thought before making his decision," said a league owner who wishes to remain anonymous. "Changing the current CBA can leave dangerous ramifications on the league. The existing landscape of the league is at jeopardy." 

According to sources, the Player's Union and owners have agreed to a Madden-style fantasy draft. Each team gets the opportunity to rebuild its roster from the league's player pool. 

"Just a little get back, that's all," said an anonymous player. 

The players demanded the majority of the revenue share. Under the current CBA, players receive 48.5 percent, which means they are owed over $1.4 billion from the owners.

"People come to us, and they're stealing money," a player said via email who wanted to remain anonymous. Even with the ruling going in our favor, I'm not sure if I can play for any of these guys. Each one of them should be forced to sell the team."

Until the new CBA finalized, the judge ordered a mandatory lockout. The lockout is only expected to last a few days according to sources close to negotiations.

In preliminary discussions, the players agreed to the fantasy draft in exchange for a higher percentage of revenue to be determined in later negotiations. Sources close to the talks say the players could receive as much as fifty percent of the revenue, possibly more.  

Tampa Bay Buccaneers new owner, Freddie Wynn, initiates his tenure in the first fantasy draft in league history.  

"I'm glad I played a lot of Madden," said the league's newest owner. Wynn breaks down other barriers becoming the youngest and first black owner in the NFL. 

"I don't think it will be any different from a regular draft," he continued. "The benefits are we know what kind of players we're drafting. It's not so much of a guessing game. We know what each player can do for our team. The biggest challenge is deciding what style of team we are going to have." 

Wynn made it clear that he will be aiming for a black quarterback in the draft. Cam Newton and Russell Wilson are the two most high on his list.

“I think it’s only right as the first black owner, I win my first Super Bowl with a black quarterback.”

Follow the Fan-i Universe on Twitch and YouTube to witness Freddie Wynn and the Carolina Panthers select in the league's first Fantasy Draft September 10th 8 pm PST.

Based on Fiction story, Fitz & Seasons

Fitz Undecided on Pro Football Career

Some say the best football player in the world is a only 20-years old and plays at a independent school in Baltimore.

Reggie Fitz has been a household name since his sophomore year in high school. Blessed with all the skills on the football field. His YouTube highlights are jaw dropping. Six and a half minutes of touchdowns.

Despite the gifted talent and high status, Fitz has remained humble; even unsociable at times. Those familiar with his temperament are not surprised by his decision to make Pro football wait.

"He's a simple kid," head coach Willie Wade said about the 3x NACC All-American. "When we recruited him here, he didn't talk to anyone but Benny and me, mostly Benny. He has one of the best characters I've ever seen in a player, so I just help him stay in his comfort zone."

Heading into his junior season, Fitz has over 5,000 total yards between receiving, rushing, and returns (special teams and defense). His 46 career touchdowns are also split between those categories.

Fitz decision to play his college ball at Baltimore State went viral. Fitz didn't have the glitz and glam of most signing days. Every camera in the country was inside Long Beach Poly's gym. Baltimore State didn't even have a hat on the table.

Fitz just said the words "I'll be playing college football at Baltimore State."

It spurred a media frenzy but Fitz denied all questions.

This time around, the decision to go pro is going to send digital waves through the sports world.

Fitz has the opportunity to be the first NACC player to go #1 overall in the NFL DRAFT. The PFL has been the landed spot for players in the NACC. The NACC and Shield have since inception. The shield does not support the NACC's pay-for-play practice because of the alleged corruption. Many believed this has to do with an unofficial agreement between them and the collegiate association.

"He knows it's a big decision," said BSU offensive coordinator, Benny Rice. Rice elected to join the Professional Football League over the shield. He spent five seasons on the bench before joining his former coach at Baltimore State.

"I let him know the league is a different animal and he'll have to deal with that attention. No matter which one he decides to join. We can't protect him forever. Coach Wade preached that all the time. When the moment calls, you have to answer." Rice continued on

One owner in particular is crazy about the wide receiver. New owner, Freddie Wynns, is creating a "Fitz to the BUCS" campaign, hopefully enticing the young man to make the leap sooner.

"I admire his humility," Wynns said on a video chat. "You don't find many young players that don't want to be around the media. All he does is play football at an amazing level."

Baltimore State open their season against Santa Monica State. Top quarterback in the country, Omar Seasons will make his debut, playing alongside his good friend for the first time.